Werner's Laboratory:Central Room

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Werner's Laboratory:Central Room
Base Level: 100
Quest Prerequisite(s): Terra Gloria
Base Experience: 200,000 Base Exp
Job Experience: 200,000 Job Exp
Item(s): 3 Schwartz's Honor Token
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Rookie needs help hunting the Cutie pet monster
  1. Speak to Rookie outside the laboratory que_swat15058 and ask "About the monster in the central room". Tell him "I am the pet child hunter!"
  2. Navigate your way through Werner Laboratory and find Rookie slabw0123691 on the east side. Talk to him and he will activate the portal to the instance.
    Rookie wants to go to the Central Room
  3. Click on Central Room portal to the right of Rookie to enter the instance.
  4. Once inside, walk all the way north, killing any Special Guards that appear.
  5. Just like before, there are two Security Devices, one to the west and one to the east.
  6. Once both are activated, you can now pass through the central gate in the main hallway.
  7. This version of the instance spawns 3 Special Guard on each side of the room when you walk through the hallways. Defeat them to enable the Security Device NPCs.
  8. Activate both Security Devices once again and then enter the warp at the center-north of the room.
  9. In this new room, walk on the warp by the big door, and you can rewatch the story or you can skip it to move straight to the MVP.
    NOTE: GRO does not have YSF01 Seyren implemented yet. In order to proceed, select the "Battle" option (and not "Story")
  10. A pet child chimera stands before you ready to attack. It looks like Atroce.
  11. Once you defeat it, speak with Rookie outside the laboratory to receive your 3 Schwartz's Honor Token.
Rookie believes that this Cutie was one of the objects that split itself by being transplanted with the hearts of Ymir.

Displayed Samples and Security Device Access

Arranged along both sides of the central hallway are displayed samples/specimens with names differentiated as either RED or BLUE. When Security Devices provide a specimen's name, you will need you to enter the opposing color. There are two Security Devices assigned to each gate in the first 2 areas. If the correct color is given, that Security Device will be activated. But if the wrong color is given, both Security Devices of that room will reset.

Sample Name Correct Answer
Dawn Blue
Dream Blue
Eternity Blue
Purity Blue
Contradiction Red
Girl Red
Glow Red
Joy Red
Loneliness Red
Rose Red
Sea Red
Twilight Red
Way Back Home Red


  • For the colorblind, the first choice presented by Security Devices will be the Red option. The second option will be Blue.