Temple of the Demon God

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Temple of the Demon God
Base Level: 160
Party: 1+ Player(s)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Dimensional Travel
Isle of Bios
Morse's Cave
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 500,000
Item(s): 6715.png 1 Darklord Soul Piece (Only on first completion)
22567.png 3 Squad Prize


Temple of Demon God is the final part of episode 14.3. Here you will find that Satan Morocc has been resurrected as a God! Will you be strong enough to stop him or will he bring upon Ragnarok!?

You will be able to access this instance if you've completed both Isle of Bios and Morse's Cave. It is recommended to bring as much damage dealer as possible as you will need to deal a total of 336 million damage to the MVPs under an hour to complete the instance.

You can re-enter the instance once if you die but you only have 1 hour to complete this instance.


Walk to the north part of the room close to Ahat where he will notice you. He will now teleport the party to a new room.

Ahat & Shnaim

Defeat all enemies and a new portal at the top will appear. Enter to proceed with the instance.
Be aware that some monsters have the element Ghost Lv 3 and that means that your damage needs to be from a different element besides neutral to cause them damage.

Morocc in his kid version will greet you to reach him. Loki and Nidhogg will appear and a brief conversation will roll. After a while a new portal will appear in the left side of the room.


In this room you will face Brinaranea and Frost Spiders.
Most of the skill being used here either water or wind based, and can also freeze you, so having a way to not freeze and some reduction based on those elements is advised to be used when facing.
OPTIONAL: After killing the MVP, if you're not yet maxed, you can talk with Nidhogg before entering the room and proceed with the rest of the instance. She will give you a reward of 37.5M base exp and 12.5M job exp.

Morocc will once again show his face and after a brief talk a new portal will appear but this time on the right side of the room.


In this room you will face Muspelskoll along with Frenzied Kasas and Salamanders.
Almost every skill here is fire based so fire reductions are a must. MDEF based gear may help but be careful with the Fire Pillars since they ignore it at 100%.
To melee damage users: Be careful when you attack since everything besides the MVP can cast Reflect Shield and kill you.
This room is mostly a gear check. If your damage isn't high enough, you won't be able to out damage the heal spam from the MVP.
OPTIONAL: After killing the MVP, if you're not yet maxed, you can talk with Nidhogg before entering the room and proceed with the rest of the instance. She will give you a reward of 37.5M base exp and 12.5M job exp.

Morocc will salute your achievement in his glorious adult form but the game hasn't ended. A new portal will appear at the north side of the room where the final fight will start.


The final fight has three stages:
Morocc in his kid form a.k.a. Demigod until you reach 50% of HP
Morocc summons Morocc of the Sabbath & Morocc of the Genesis and killing them reduces Demigod's HP to 20%
Morocc in his adult form a.k.a. Despair God Morocc
Besides Earthquake, that both Demigod and Despair God Morocc have, the rest doesn't hurt much. Both phases of Morocc are mostly HP sponges.
Demigod is Holy so physical damage dealers are advised to bring Cursed Waters or ammunition of the same element.
Despair God Morocc is Shadow so physical damage dealers are advised to bring Holy Elemental Converters, asking for Aspersio, or ammunition of the same element.

If you succeed to kill Despair God Morocc, Nidhogg will appear and guide you back to Flame Basin, where you can take the 22567.png Squad Prize from Commander Hibba Agip (/navi moro_vol 110/90) as a reward for completing the instance/quests accordingly.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3105 gatekeeper ahat.png Fire Morocc Loyal Vessel 149 16,000,000 Large / Angel / Fire 2
3106 gatekeeper shnaim.png Cold Morocc Loyal Vessel 149 15,400,000 Medium / Demon / Ghost 3
3088 frost spider.png Frost Spider 155 466,800 Medium / Plant / Water 1
3091 brinaranea.png Brinaranea
165 81,650,000 Large / Demon / Water 3
3089 frenzied kasa.png Frenzied Kasa 155 555,000 Large / Demon / Dark 2
3090 frenzied salamander.png Frenzied Salamander 155 652,950 Medium / Demon / Dark 2
3092 muspelskoll.png Muspelskoll
165 55,620,000 Large / Demon / Fire 3
3098 morroc of the genesis.png Morocc of the Sabbath 160 1,450,000 Large / Demon Dark 4
3098 morroc of the genesis.png Morocc of the Genesis 160 3,258,000 Large / Demon / Dark 4
3096 demigod.png Demigod
175 80,000,000 Small / Demon / Holy 3
3097 despair god morroc.png Despair God Morocc
175 120,000,000 Medium / Demon / Dark 2


To be rewarded with the Squad Prize, you have to start a series of prequisite quests before entering the Temple of the Demon God.

Caged God Quest

Mv CommanderHivaAgip.png

Squad Prize

These are the possible items gained from Squad Prize
Contain one of the following item
4908.png Darklord Essence Force1
4909.png Darklord Essence Force2
4910.png Darklord Essence Force3
4914.png Darklord Essence Speed1
4915.png Darklord Essence Speed2
4916.png Darklord Essence Speed3
4917.png Darklord Essence Vitality1
4918.png Darklord Essence Vitality2
4919.png Darklord Essence Vitality3
4911.png Darklord Essence Intelligence1
4912.png Darklord Essence Intelligence2
4913.png Darklord Essence Intelligence3
4920.png Darklord Essence Concentration1
4921.png Darklord Essence Concentration2
4922.png Darklord Essence Concentration3
4923.png Darklord Essence Luk1
4924.png Darklord Essence Luk2
4925.png Darklord Essence Luk3

Essences of Evil work similarly to cards, meaning they can be put in a piece of equipment that has a slot for a card. The Wise Old Woman (Decarder NPC) in Althea will also treat Essences of Evil like any other cards. Unlike normal cards, Essences of Evil can be put in any piece of equipment.

Darklord Soulpiece

Using the Darklord Soulpiece will increase the whole server's exp bonus by +10%.

This will be categorized as the "Chaos" / "Thor" exp. It lasts for one hour.
Please note that you receive only one soulpiece per character. Following attempts at the instance will only result in the Squad Prizes.

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