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The purpose of this template is to link a skill, complete with icon.

Note: The correct capitalization is Skill List. Do not forget the second capitalized letter!


{{Skill List |skill=<skill>}}
{{Skill List |skill=<skill> |icon=<icon>}}
{{Skill List |skill=<skill> |level=<level>}}
{{Skill List |skill=<skill> |name=<name>}}
{{Skill List |skill=<skill> |name=<name> |level=<level>}}
Example Output
{{Skill List |skill=Basic Skill}}
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill
{{Skill List |skill=Sight |icon=Mercenary Sight}}
Mercenary Sight.png Sight
{{Skill List |skill=Fire Bolt |level=8}}
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt Lv. 8
* {{Skill List |skill=Bash |level=5 |simple=yes}} is required for [[Magnum Break]]
{{Skill List |skill=NPC_FIREATTACK |name=Fire Attack |icon=NPC Skill Icon |level=3}}
NPC Skill Icon.png Fire Attack Lv. 3


skill The name of the skill (and the skill page)
icon Optional. The alternate skill icon to use.
name Optional. A different name than the skill page.
level Optional. The number of the skill level to show.

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