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NPC Skill Icon.png {{{name}}}
Type: {{{type}}} Skill
Levels: {{{levels}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}}
Target: {{{target}}}
Range: {{{range}}} cells
Range: {{{range_x}}} cells
Knock Back: {{{knock}}} cells
Area: {{{area}}}
Property: [[{{{element}}}]]
Status: [[Status Effects#{{{status}}}|{{{status}}}]]
Status: {{{status2}}}
Status Icon: [[Image:I_{{{s_icon}}}.png]]


This template displays a small info box for an NPC skill and should be used at the beginning of all NPC skill pages. Once this template is used, it auto-adds Category:Monster Exclusive Skills.


{{NPC Skill
| name = 
| type = 
| levels = 
| duration = 
| target = 
| range = 
| range_x = 
| area = 
| knock = 
| element = 
| status = 
| status2 = 
| s_icon = 

Mandatory Fields

Field Description Auto-adds Category if used
name The name from the skill, without "NPC" and with proper capitals. -
type Main type of the skill. Values have to be Active, Supportive or Offensive. Category:<type>
levels Maximum levels of the skill. -

Optional Fields

Field Description Auto-adds Category if used
duration Lasting time of the skill/skill's effect. (30 seconds, 1 minute, etc) -
target Target. (ground, self, another monster, player, etc) Not yet implemented.
range Range. (Melee, Magic, 3 cells, 4 cells, etc) If value is is "Melee", Category:Melee Skills
If value is "Magic", Category:Magic Skills
If value is numeric, Category:Ranged Skills
range_x Non-conditional Range value for skills that do have a cell-range, but where it is irrelevant from the standpoint of defensive skills or gears because of their non-offensive nature. -
area Area of Effect. (3x3, 7x7, etc) Category:AoE Skills
knock Knock back push amount (2, 7, etc). Category:Knock Back Skills
element Primary elemental property, if applicable. (Water, Holy, Neutral, etc) Category:Forced Element Skills and Category:<element>
status Status the skill inflicts on the Target. Links to Status Effects. Category:Status Inflicting Skills
status2 Status(es) the skill inflicts on the Target. Category:Status Inflicting Skills
s_icon Status Icon that is shown when the skill is in effect, if applicable. Use the filename found in Status Icons as I_(field).png (between "I_" and ".png") -