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Job Base(s): Hunter
Job Type: 3-1
Race: Human
Changes At: Capital City
Number of Skills: 22
Total Skill Points: 100
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+2 +10 +6 +9 +8 +2



A Ranger is the third job class of a Hunter / Sniper. Rangers are given a huge wolf-like mount called a Warg that they can also use to attack their enemies. They also have new and powerful traps at their disposal, from Cluster Bombs, Electric Shockers, to traps that can change an opponent's elemental property when triggered. While a Hunter goes to hunt, a Ranger goes to war.

Job Change Guide

See [Job Change Guide] for detailed information.

In GatheringRO you don't have to go through the official job quests to change your job. Simply talk to the Job Master NPC who's waiting for you in the Capital City.


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Headgear Suggestions

Equipment Location Additional Notes
5208.png Rideword Hat [1] Upper HP/SP leeching gear. It has a higher HP leech proc rate than Vanargand Helm, which makes it suitable for trapper build. At +9, HP/SP absorption amount is doubled.
18652.png Vanargand Helm [1] Upper HP/SP leeching gear. At +9, it has a higher SP leech proc rate than a +9 Rideword Hat.
5564.png Crown of Deceit [1] Upper, Mid General purpose variable cast time reduction gear. Quite useful in reducing Arrow Storm cast time.
18522.png Evil Marching Hat [1] Upper for +7% attack, +5% ranged damage, if upgraded to +9.
18666.png CD in Mouth Lower Autocast various bolts while physically attacking. Good gear to increase DPS. Note however, that autocasts from CD in mouth is not counted towards hitting Emperium in WoE. The magical autocast help in proccing Lucky Day enchant.
5898.png Autumn Headband [1] Upper Grants +2 ATK for each 5 points of base DEX, reduces the variable cast time of Arrow Storm by 100% and restores 4% of the damage dealt as SP with a 1% chance with each attack. At +9, Increases the damage of Arrow Storm by 1% for every 5 base levels.
18856.png White Drooping Eddga Upper STR+2, DEX+2, 10% additional damage on Brute monsters. Chance to transform into Eddga, giving additional (25 * refine level) ATK. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase arrow damage.
18756.png Black Shiba Inu Hat [1*] Upper Def+6, Atk+30, 10% additional damage on Brute monsters. If worn with 2959.png Fidelity Necklace, has a chance to transform into Atroce, giving additional +30ATK. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase arrow damage.
18908.png Isabella Red Ears [1*] Upper STR+5, MHP+5%, -10% damage from Fire monsters. Gives +1 ASPD at +9, and additional +1 ASPD for every 2 refine levels after +9. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase ASPD.
18785.png King Poring Hat [1] Upper Dex+1, luk+1, additional 1 dex and luk for every refine above 5. +10% ASPD.
19138.png Seraphim Coronet Mid Atk + 5 for every 8 base Int. Additional Atk + 50, if the users base Int is 108 or higher. Additional Atk + 125, if the users base Int is 120 or higher.

* Slots are hidden. However, the headgear can be carded as normal.

Weapon Suggestions

Weapon Purpose Additional Notes
1746.png Elven Bow [1] Arrow Storm, Auto-Warg Ranged attacks +50% when used with 1773.png Elven Arrow. Best bow to increase arrow damage (mind, that Warg Strike ATK does not take into calculation any ranged damage bonus).
1718.png Hunter Bow Arrow Storm, Auto-Warg Ranged attacks +50% when used with 1774.png Hunting Arrow. A cheaper version of Elven Bow, and also the best bow to use as a Hunter/Sniper.
1734.png Orc Archer Bow Arrow Storm, Auto-Warg Ranged attacks +50% when used with 1753.png Steel Arrow. An inferior bow when compared to Elven and Hunter bows, as it has a lower base ATK and slotless. This is usually the preferred bow for Arrow-Storm Shadow Chaser.
18110.png Big Crossbow [2] Arrow Storm, Auto-Warg At high refine, it is the best bow to increase Arrow Storm damage. Biolab Enchants can be done on the bow as well.
18111.png Creeper Bow [2] Auto-Warg A good bow for hit-locking an enemy as it autocasts Fiber Lock when attacking. WARNING: Attacking an MVP that is trapped will be registered as a "Rude Attack" and cause the MVP to teleport. Biolab Enchants can be done on the bow as well.
28717.png Valkyrie Knife [4] Trapper, Warger Best trapper knife since it adds dex and int per refine. Enables up to four cards to be slotted into the weapon for a highly flexible playing style.
1208.png Main Gauche [4] Trapper, Warger Enables up to four cards to be slotted into the weapon for a highly flexible playing style.
13090.png Faceworm Queen Leg [2] Trapper, Warger high ATK for autowarg, the earthquake helps proc Lucky Day.
1230.png Ice Pick Warger good for autowarg against high DEF target. can be slotted or malangdo enchanted (can't be both).
1223.png Fortune Sword Trapper, Warger Perfect Dodge +20. A good weapon for pull/tanking purposes. Malangdo Enchants can be done on the dagger.
1228.png Combat Knife Warger, WoE A good weapon for WoE, PVP or tanking demi-human monsters.

Socket Enchant can be done on the gear to add card slot(s).

Arrow Storm Ranger

White Wing Set:

Must wear the full set for maximum Arrow Storm damage. Some players that are able to one-shot monsters within a map without the set may opt for a Raydric Carded garment for more protection however. These gears can also be enchanted in the Mora Village with additional enchant options when the gears are refined to +9 and above.

Equipment Location
15042.png White Wing Suit [1] Armor
2580.png White Wing Manteau Garment
2479.png White Wing Boots [1] Footwear
2890.png White Wing Brooch Accessory


When upgraded to a high refine, this bow is the strongest for Arrow Storm and can be very expensive. However, the SP cost of Arrow Storm can be doubled or more when using this, depending on refine rate. Big Crossbow (BXB) can also be enchanted, albeit with considerable chance to destroy said weapon, through the Biolab Enchants. Each Archer Skeleton Card will increase ranged damage by 10%.

Other options that do not have increased SP cost:

Using Elven Bow with Elven Arrows or Hunter Bow with Hunter Arrows adds a 50% ranged damage bonus. These are good options to use, especially if they can one-shot the monsters already. Both arrows can be purchased in Mora (level 100+ to enter, or find a warp there)

Accessory Options:

Medal of Honor is a powerful accessory that adds 5% more damage, +300 HP, +60 SP, +1% chance of casting blind on ranged attack, and boosts healing items by 5%. This accessory and other KVM / Valor equipment is usually acquired by saving up Eden Merit Badges and converting into Valor badges. It is also an account bound accessory. For more information, please see Battlegrounds.

A Sound Amplifier has a very large boost to a performer skill (Metallic Sound), but can actually be equipped by Rangers as well. The 50% variable cast reduction is very helpful, especially for builds that are not purely Arrow Storm or builds with low INT. Do note that without a 4077.png Phen Card, casting skills such as Arrow Storm can be interrupted. If the party has a dedicated tank, and the player is experienced at avoiding monsters, a Phen may not always need to be equipped (hotkeying a Phen accessory is necessary though in case the player does get mobbed with monsters). Another option is to put a Phen Card into the Sound Amplifier accessory of course.

Other Phen Options:

Auto-Warg Ranger

The objective of this build is to ensure 100% critical rate and max aspd (193 ASPD) to hitlock an enemy (that is, to flinch an enemy by attacking at quick and regular intervals so that it can not move towards the attacker). Therefore, equipments that increase ASPD, CRIT and LUK are very important for this build.

There is a very large selection of ASPD gear available in the game. And with the addition of new cards and gears, White Wing Set is no longer a necessity for auto warg builds as it will proc double strafe skill which may break the hitlock on an enemy. Some of the gears that may prove useful for this build are as follows:


An all rounder garment to increase ASPD, Ranged Damage, Neutral Resistance, Critical Damage when used with 90 AGI/DEX/VIT/LUK respectively.

A garment that can be enchanted to greatly raise certain stats. The list of enchants is further explained in Fallen Angel Wing Enchants


A footgear that is very effective at increasing attack speed. Can also be enchanted with various Old Glast Heim Enchantment.

A footgear that is selected to maximize critical damage. Excellent when used with 120 base LUK for +30% critical damage. Can also be enchanted with various Old Glast Heim Enchantment.


An accessory that greatly increase your critical damage for a total of 32%.

An accessory that is very effective at increasing attack speed and damage, with +10% ASPD and +7% damage. Does not have a slot however.

Works like Bakonawa Tattoo, with 10% ASPD, 5% damage to all elements and Perfect Hit +20%. Has slot

A good all-rounder purpose to increase +5% ASPD and 10% elemental resist from Fire, Earth, Wind and Water element attacks. Obtainable from KVM Battlegrounds for 1200 KVM points.

Another option for ASPD and also has a slot. This item can be obtained for free by completing the Doha's Secret Orders quest. This quest only requires level 90 to begin the prerequisites but it is strongly recommended to reach a higher level (125+) first, or get help from a high level friend, as the monsters in this quest are level 130-135.


Trap Ranger


Headgear (Top):

Headgear (Middle):

Headgear (Lower):

Headgear Cards:
  • Any status resistance card especially to counter bleeding, stun and silence. Incubus Card. Arcangeling card.



Armor Cards:
  • Any elemental armor card. Marc card. Pecopeco card.


Shield Cards:


Garment Cards:
  • 4133.png Raydric Card: 'default' card to for all purpose since it provides 20% neutral resist.
  • 4174.png Deviling Card: More superior than raydric card since it provides 50% neutral resist, but with drawback of extra 50% damage increase from other element.
  • 4285.png Choco card: Nice +5 perfect dodge card.


Footwear Hidden Slot Enchants:
  • 4879.png Hawkeye: +200 dex fo 5 seconds is a huge increase in trap damage (doubling trap damage if you have 100 dex and int). But 250 SP cost is quite a lot. Make sure to bring SP healing items and SP leech gears.
  • 4880.png Lucky Day: +200 luk for 5 seconds with no drawback is very nice.
  • 4878.png Muscle Fool: +1000 DEF boots for 5 seconds is a huge assistance when tanking. Note that even though it reduces weapon atk and matk by 50%, it barely affects trap damage since trap damage mostly coming from int and dex.

Footwear Cards:
  • Any cards that increase max HP to help mobbing.


Accessory Cards:
  • 4051.png Yoyo Card: nice +5 perfect dodge
  • 4991.png Kafra Blossom: nice card to reduce fire, water, earth and wind element by 10% (and another 10% by chance)

Class Data


See Hunter Skills or Sniper Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Main Ranger.png Main Ranger
Increases attack power and resistance against brute, insect, and fish monsters. 10 Passive
Aimed Bolt.png Aimed Bolt
Deal high damage to an immobile target, releasing the immobilization. Damage depends on size. 10 Offensive
Arrow Storm.png Arrow Storm
Deal up to 1800% damage to all targets in a wide area. 10 Offensive
Camouflage.png Camouflage
Puts the user in a semi-cloaked status, meanwhile increasing ATK and CRIT, while reducing DEF. 5 Active
No Limits.png No Limits
A self-buff to increase ranged attacks by 50-250% for a minute 5 Active
Fear Breeze.png Fear Breeze
Gives the user a chance to shoot several arrows rapidly by chance when attacking. 5 Active
Warg Mastery.png Warg Mastery
Allows the user to call a warg with his warg flute. Cannot be used with a falcon. 1 Active
Warg Ride.png Warg Ride
Mounts the user on his warg, increasing movement speed but limiting attacks and skills. 3 Active
Warg Dash.png Warg Dash
While mounted, makes your warg run fast in a single direction. 1 Active
Warg Teeth.png Warg Teeth
Increases damage and effect of warg skills. 10 Passive
Warg Strike.png Warg Strike
The warg's "Blitz Beat" ability, including auto-strike. 5 Offensive
Warg Bite.png Warg Bite
Deal damage, making the target immobile and unable to use some cloaking skills. 5 Offensive
Keen Nose.png Keen Nose
Reveal hidden targets around you, casting Warg Bite by chance. 5 Active
Electric Shock.png Electric Shock
Immobilizes a target and drains his SP over time. 5 Active
Trap Research.png Trap Research
Increases INT, Max SP, as well as trap damage and placement range. 5 Passive
Magenta Trap.png Magenta Trap
Changes monsters' elemental attribute in a 5x5 area to fire property. 1 Active
Cobalt Trap.png Cobalt Trap
Changes monsters' elemental attribute in a 5x5 area to water property. 1 Active
Maze Trap.png Maze Trap
Changes monsters' elemental attribute in a 5x5 area to earth property. 1 Active
Verdure Trap.png Verdure Trap
Changes monsters' elemental attribute in a 5x5 area to wind property. 1 Active
Bomb Cluster.png Bomb Cluster
Place up to three that can be detonated. 5 Active
Detonator.png Detonator
Detonates certain traps, as well as those in the 7x7 area of that trap. 1 Active
Fire Trap.png Fire Trap
Deals 5x5 area damage and causes the burning status. 5 Active
Ice Trap.png Ice Trap
Deals 5x5 area damage and causes the freezing status. 5 Active
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 5 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 26 27
AGI 4 7 18 31 39 43 45 50 55 60
VIT 12 13 14 22 32 57
INT 2 3 9 21 36 37 38 49 54
DEX 1 8 17 23 30 44 52 59
LUK 51 58


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -8 +1
Dagger -10 +3
Bow -9 −1
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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