PvP Costume Enchants

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You can enchant certain WoE and Battleground costumes at either the WoE Core Plateau or respectively in the Battlegrounds Arena.

There are 2 NPC responsible for enchanting: Costume Enchanter Tira ( bat_room 179 138 ) and Costume Enchanter Ken ( woe_map 224 194 ).

Enchanting a Costume

Talk to Tira to enchant WoE Upper Costumes and Ken for Battlegrounds Upper Costumes.

  • Tira asks for 300 Emperium Fragments for a single WoE Enchant.
  • Ken asks for 1500 Heroism Badges for a signle Battleground Enchant.
  • You can pick your desired enchant.
  • There is no chance of failure.
  • Enchant cannot be resetted.

Enchantable WoE Costumes

Head (Upper)
20316.png Costume: Seraph Wing Helm
20081.png Costume: Metal Dragon Helm
31200.png Costume: Wrapping Ribbon
31196.png Costume: Drooping Chuni Penguin
20247.png Costume: Fate Of Black Hand
31405.png Costume: Eleanor Wig Yellow
20409.png Costume: There is Something
20082.png Costume: Metal Dragon Hat
31253.png Costume: Rinzu Helmet
31290.png Costume: Angels Feather Cap
31476.png Costume: Yellow Cherry Blossom Hat
31177.png Costume: Tail Hat
20079.png Costume: Forgotten Angel Wing
31433.png Costume: Celestial Circle
31169.png Costume: Hilarious Bandit Hat
31373.png Costume: Crown of Ancient king
31408.png Costume: Ragnarok Rush Goat
19824.png Costume: Evil Druid Hat
31183.png Costume: Blessing of Fallen Angel
31402.png Costume: Iduns Green Apple
20384.png Costume: Douce Tiara
31297.png Costume: Fruit of Love

Enchantable Battlegrounds Costumes

Head (Upper)
63103.png Costume: Dying Will
31095.png Costume: Mythical Baphomet Horns
31206.png Costume: Rune Hairband
31194.png Costume: Spinning Propeller
31197.png Costume: Egg Crispinette
31039.png Costume: Crown of Old King Red
31378.png Costume: Catharina Von Brad 60th
31147.png Costume: Drooping Domovoi
31137.png Costume: Blue Rose Ornament
20248.png Costume: Black Strong Hair
31245.png Costume: Cherry
31179.png Costume: Wolf Masquerade
19602.png Costume: Invisible Cap
31396.png Costume: Sorcerer Hood
63221.png Costume: Drooping Garm
20263.png Costume: Sleeping Cat
31170.png Costume: Wings of Wind
31379.png Costume: Wind-Up Key
31435.png Costume: Ghost Magicians Knit Hat

List of Enchant Stones

This is the list of enchant stones available.

Slot Enchant Stone Stat
Head (Upper) 61417.png STR Stone(slot 1) All Stats + 1
61418.png AGI Stone(slot 1) MaxHP/MaxSP + 3%
6943.png INT Stone(slot 1) ATK + 1%
6944.png VIT Stone(slot 1) MATK + 1%