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There're various ways to engage in PvP in Gathering Ragnarok Online, catering to both casual and hardcore players.

1vs1 Arena

GRO features a unique 1vs1, instanced arena rental system. There are 2 ways on how you can use it.

Visit the duellist M.J.Brutus in the Izlude Battle Arena (use @go pvp) to use his services.

You can read the full details here: 1vs1 Arena.

Classic PvP Rooms

Casual PvP. Can be accessed from any town through the PvP Warper Unknown Fighter or by using the command @go pvp. There're various rooms:

  • Hell Box - Healing items disabled
  • Death Box - Healing items enabled
  • Core Box - Healing items disabled. For lvl 99 characters and less only.
  • GvG Box - Healing items disabled. GvG mechanics activated. While inside, you cannot harm players of their own Guild.

The top ranked player will see a "Time Attack" message and a stopwatch timer will begin, indicating the amount of time one kept rank 1 for.


See also: Battlegrounds

Structured PvP with random teams, for those who want to fight for objectives and rewards. Battlegrounds makes use of GvG mechanics for its game modes.

War of Emperium

See also: War of Emperium

Structured PvP with premade teams (guilds) that takes place twice a week. Specialized mechanics and rules apply for WoE.