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NPC Skill Icon.png Change to Undead Property
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
Duration: ?
Target: Player
Range: ? cells
Property: Undead
Status: Undead
Status Icon: I Gloria.png
Change to Undead Property

Change to Undead Property (Alt: Change Undead) is an active skill exclusive to monsters.


Changes the target's property to Undead. During this state, the player receives all the qualities of being Undead property, such as vulnerability to Heal and Sanctuary (or immunity to them in a non-PvP zone), and taking extra damage from Holy and Fire property attacks while being immune to Undead, Shadow, and Poison property attacks.


  • The player appears in a greenish hue when afflicted by the Undead status.
  • The player can't use supportive spells such as Increase AGI and Blessing on itself or others.
  • Increase AGI and Blessing do 1 damage to the player when cast by others. Despite this, they can not be copied by a Rogue class with Intimidate.
  • Increase AGI and Blessing and potentially other buffs are removed as soon as this status takes effect.
  • Can be prevented by wearing Shadow or Undead property armor.
  • Re-logging gets rid of the status.
  • When affected by this status effect, it shows the Gloria status icon.