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Movement Speed is the speed the player walks at. It is not affected by AGI, only by certain skills and items. A character with no speed modifying effects will take 0.15 seconds to move 1 cell.

Movement Modifier Movement Speed (Second/cell)
No Movement Modifiers 0.15
Increase AGI 0.11 (~140% normal movement speed)
Peco Peco Ride 0.11
Increase AGI and Peco Peco Ride 0.07 (~200% normal movement speed)
Speed Potion 0.06 (~250% normal movement speed)

The following items provide a bonus identical to, and do not stack with Increase AGI

The following items provice a bonus identical to, and stack with Increase AGI

It is likely that almost any item or skill that says it increases movement rate behaves in this way as well.

The following skills increase movement speed by some degree:

The following skills and effects reduce movement speed by some degree:

A Speed Potion does not stack with any other speed increases, and cancels most (all?) speed reducing effects. Speed Potions last 5 seconds.