Meteor Storm

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Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm
Meteor Storm Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 20 ~ 64
Fixed Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 6.3 seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: [2 + (Skill Level x 0.5)] seconds
Duration: 2 ~ 7 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 7x7
Property: Fire
Status: Stun
Status Icon: I Stun.png
(Mage) Thunderstorm Lv. 1, (Wizard) Sightrasher Lv. 2

Meteor Storm (Alt: Meteor Storm) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Wizard and High Wizard.


Calls forth meteors from the skies that randomly fall within its area of effect around the targeted location. Each meteor will inflict 125% Fire property magic damage each hit to all enemies in a 7x7 area around each meteor. It has a chance of leaving enemies stunned.

Level Meteors Hits per Meteor Chance of Effect Cooldown Duration SP Cost
1 2 1 3% 2.5s 2s 20
2 3 6% 3.0s 3s 24
3 2 9% 3.5s 30
4 4 12% 4.0s 4s 34
5 3 15% 4.5s 40
6 5 18% 5.0s 5s 44
7 4 21% 5.5s 50
8 6 24% 6.0s 6s 54
9 5 27% 6.5s 60
10 7 30% 7.0s 7s 64


  • Despite the animation, all damage of each meteor is connected in one single bundle.
  • Meteors that fall on the border of the targeted area cause damage 6 cells beyond the target area border, giving this skill the potential to damage enemies in a 13x13 area.
  • Meteors that fall on "null" cells of the map will still count against the total number of meteors that are to fall, while not actually hitting any enemies.
  • Unlike the two other area skills, Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion, this skill stacks; multiple casts will still continue to drop meteors, meaning that multiple Wizards can be casting more instances of this skill at the same location without loss of efficiency.


  • This is one of the Wizard's three main area skills. As Fire property, it can do extensive damage to Undead and Earth property enemies. The additional chance to Stun gives it extra use in PvP scenarios, and so does its ability to be stacked; multiple instances of this skill can be cast and constantly impacting the same area, unlike Storm Gust and Lord of Vermilion. Many Wizards will have either this skill or Lord of Vermilion. Unlike Storm Gust, meteors do not hit a target unless the target is in the caster's line of sight when the meteor lands.
  • Although powerful, this skill inflicts less consistent damage. Which targets are actually hit by the meteors depends on where the meteors themselves hit. It is possible to cast this skill and fail to do any damage at all. Higher levels deliver more meteors, providing a more reliable damage source if one intends to use it often.
  • Enemies toward the center of the casting circle will tend to get hit by the most meteors.


Bestowed from

  • Red Twin Edge of Naght Sieger - Level 3; Usable
  • Violet Fear - Level 3; Autocast below target when attacking
  • Bloody Knight Card - Level 1; Autocast below target when attacking
  • Dark Lord Card - Level 5; Autocast below target when attacked
  • Lion Model Hat - Level 5; Autocast under target when physically attacked
  • Ifrit Mask - Level 3; Autocast below target when attacked
  • Book of the Sun God:
    • Level 3; Autocast below target when performing a physical attack
    • If upgrade level is +8 or higher, use level 4 instead with an additional 5% chance
    • If upgrade level is +10 or higher, use level 5 instead with an additional 5% chance

Enhanced by