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The Mercenary System is designed to add a new dimension to Gathering Ragnarok Online, allowing players to have an NPC henchman to fight at their side. Players will be able to support, party with, and control a Mercenary using an updated version of the Homunculus System. Different from Homunculi, any player can use Mercenaries, but instead of a creature that grows alongside the player, Mercenaries have fixed stats based on the level of Mercenary summoned. A contract is made with a Mercenary and scrolls are used to call them into battle. Both Homunculus and Mercenary can be used by a player at once. Mercenaries are all of the Demi Human race.

Summoning a Mercenary

Initially to make use of the Mercenary System, you must visit one of the Mercenary Guilds across the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom.

To invoke a contract with a Mercenary and summon one to the player's side, scrolls must be puchased. The cost of scrolls increases with higher grade Mercenaries, and the maximum grade of Mercenary that can be summoned is limited by a character's Base Level. Some high-grade contracts require a certain amount of Loyalty Points to purchase, and the Superior Mercenary Scroll (10th Grade) can only purchased in exchange for Loyalty Points. Scrolls cannot be sold, transfered, or moved into storage or carts.

The stats of the Mercenary summoned is based on the scroll used and they come with fixed skills which are different depending on the type of Mercenary summoned. Once a Mercenary is summoned, it will last either until it dies or the contract expires.

Controling the Mercenary

Manual Functions

The following are keys used to control Mercenaries:

Enemy Targeting - Alt + Left Click (on monster)
Left clicking once will cause the Mercenary to queue up the monster. Left click again and the Mercenary will immediately switch targets.
Moving - Alt + Left Click (on ground)
Alt and Left Clicking on the ground will cause the Mercenary to stop everything and move to the target cell.
Standby - Ctrl + T
In standby the Mercenary will stop everything and wait for orders at the contractor's side.
Information - Ctrl + R
Opens the Mercenary Status Window.


The Mercenary System is very similar to that used by the homunculus, as both are run by an user-customizable AI on the client side. Mercenaries by default use a non-aggressive AI and only attack targets hitting the player or targets the player is attacking. The AI itself is located in the /AI/ folder in the RO directory. Where as Homunculus normally executes 'AI.lua', Mercenaries use a separate file 'AI_M.lua'. Users can and are encouraged to customize their Mercenary AI by modifying the files in the /AI/USER_AI/ folder. Instead of configuring it with /hoai command in-game, players use /merai instead to configure custom AI.


Mercenary Details

Base Stats
A mercenary's level and statistics are fixed when summoning, based on the grade of scroll used. However, based on one's Loyalty Points with that Mercenary's guild and the kill count, additional bonuses can be received. Attack Speed, no matter what Mercenary type or level, will always be fixed at 156.
Mercenary skills are based on the level of the Mercenary summoned, and one's Loyalty Points with the Mercenary Guild. Skills act as if they have been used by a Party member; for example, the Sacrifice skill will not function if the Mercenary's own level is not within 10 levels of the contractor.
Supportive Skills
The Mercenary is considered very much the same as a player and all supportive magic should function, with the following exceptions:
Player Skills
Skill Behavior
Increase AGI.png Increase AGI
Mercenary will receive a boost to its Flee rate only.
Blessing.png Blessing
Mercenary will receive a boost to its Hit rate only, and will cure Curse status.
Heal.png Heal
These skills only recover 1/2 the normal amount that it would heal a player.
High Heal.png High Heal
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary
Endow Blaze.png Endow Blaze
Players can only cast Endows on the Mercenary if they are the contractor.
Endow Quake.png Endow Quake
Endow Tornado.png Endow Tornado
Endow Tsunami.png Endow Tsunami
Cure.png Cure
Cure has no effect when used on a Mercenary. Use Shift + Lex Divina to remove Silence status.
Mercenary Skills
Freezing Trap.png Freezing Trap
A maximum of 10 traps can be placed at one time. Traps can be placed directly beneath targets.
Land Mine.png Land Mine
Sandman.png Sandman
Skid Trap.png Skid Trap
Provoke.png Provoke
Can be cast on players as well as enemies. Can be used to break Stone and Frozen statuses.
Unlike Homunculi and Cute Pets, Mercenaries require no feeding or upkeep to keep in play (although, their contracts automatically expire after 30 minutes).
Mercenaries can earn experience for players that hire them by killing monsters. Experience earned through a Mercenary is scaled according to the Base Level of the character receiving it.
Player Versus Player
Mercenaries can be used in both PvP and WoE maps. However, Mercenaries are unable to damage the Emperium.
If a Mercenary moves more than 15 cells away it will be teleported to the contractor's position.
Each class of Mercenary has its own custom sprite. Each grade of Mercenary uses a specific headgear that allows it to be identified. These headgears cannot be chosen or changed and do not have any effect on the performance of the Mercenary.

End of Contract

The following are the 4 conditions in which a mercenary will leave its master. In each case, the game will display a message in the chat box as to why the mercenary left:

Contractor Dies
The player summoning the Mercenary has died.
Mercenary Dies
The Mercenary summoned has died.
Contract Ends
The Mercenary contract lasts 30 minutes, after which the Mercenary will leave.
Contract Canceled
The player manually dismisses the Mercenary.


As a player fights along side with Mercenaries, that player can gain Loyalty Points. More points gives the player faster Killcount Bonuses and allows the player to contract higher grade Mercenaries. Number of Loyalty Points is specific to each guild of Mercenaries, so for example if a player gains a large number of points with the Bowman Mercenary Guild, the amount will have no effect on their standing with the Fencer and Spearman Guilds.

The following conditions affect one's Loyalty Points:

Fighting Together with Mercenary
When a suitably strong monster is killed by a player (more than ½ the Base Level of the contractor), their Killcount goes up by 1. It doesn't matter if the player or the Mercenary kills the monster, or if they work together to kill it. For every 50 killcount, they gain one Loyalty Point.
Successfully Completing a Contract
If a player and their Mercenary successfully survive the full duration of a 30 minute contract, they gain one Loyalty Point.
Mercenary Dies
If the Mercenary is killed while bound by contract to a player, they don't lose a Loyalty Point (custom gRO).
Monster Mercenaries
Monster Mercenaries do not gain any Loyalty Points.


As either the player or their Mercenary kills monsters (monsters higher than ½ the Base Level of the contractor), their killcount will increase. At fixed killcount intervals, a Mercenary will receive a temporary random boost to one of their stats. The number of kills required goes down based on the player's reputation with that Mercenaries guild. The Mercenary can obtain multiple bonuses, which will increase another stat randomly or boost the same one further. There's a total of 5 increases that can be received to each stat.

Monster Mercenaries still increase killcount reflected in the Mercenary window but do not get any killcount bonuses through the same manner.

Killcount bonuses do not stack, and if a player receives a higher level bonus it will replace the existing bonus of that type.

Boost\Level 1 2 3 4 5
Flee +15 +30 +45 +60 +75
ATK +15 +30 +45 +60 +75
Max HP +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%
Max SP +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%
Hit +15 +30 +45 +60 +75

In the case that the Mercenary receives a boost to its Max HP, their HP will be completely recovered. Likewise, if Max SP is increased, they will fully recover their SP.

The boost to stats that are received is not permanent, and is lost at the end of the contract, regardless of how it ends.

Item Pricing and Limitations

Item Name Req. Lv Other Requirements Price* Effect
12163.png 1st Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 15+ None 7,000z Summons a Level 20 Mercenary.
12163.png 2nd Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 25+ None 14,000z Summons a Level 30 Mercenary.
12163.png 3rd Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 35+ None 21,000z Summons a Level 40 Mercenary.
12163.png 4th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 45+ None 28,000z Summons a Level 50 Mercenary.
12163.png 5th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 55+ None 35,000z Summons a Level 60 Mercenary.
12163.png 6th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 65+ None 42,000z Summons a Level 70 Mercenary.
12163.png 7th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 75+ 1+ Loyalty Points 49,000z Summons a Level 80 Mercenary.
12163.png 8th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 85+ 5+ Loyalty Points 56,000z Summons a Level 90 Mercenary.
12163.png 9th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 90+ 10+ Loyalty Points 63,000z Summons a Level 95 Mercenary.
12163.png 10th Grade Mercenary Scroll Lv 90+ 20+ Loyalty Points 5 Loyalty Points Summons a Level 99 Mercenary.
12184.png Mercenary Red Potion - None 1,750z Recovers a base of 1000 HP.
12185.png Mercenary Blue Potion - None 3,500z Recovers a base of 100 SP.
12241.png Mercenary Concentration Potion - None 560z Increases Mercenary's ASPD by 10%.
12242.png Mercenary Awakening Potion Lv 40+ Mercenary None 1,050z Increases Mercenary's ASPD by 15%.
12243.png Mercenary Berserk Potion Lv 80+ Mercenary None 2,100z Increases Mercenary's ASPD by 20%.

Note1: Wild Rose, Doppelganger and Egnigem Cenia contracts can be earned by participating in Poring War.

Note2: Baphomet Jr, Male Support Game Master and Female Support Game Master contracts can be earned by kafra cash box.

Note3: Valkyrie and Valkyrie contracts can be earned by Arch Bishop Job Change Test.

Note4: Loki's Shadow and Guardian's alter ego contracts can be earned by Quest, Instance.

Bowman Mercenary

Mina - 1st Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman01.png Level 20 MDef 2
HP 256 Hit 200
SP 198 Flee 36
Atk 170 ~ 255 HP Reg 7 HP / 8s
Def 8 SP Reg 6 SP / 6s
Dororu - 2nd Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman02.png Level 30 MDef 3
HP 457 Hit 220
SP 70 Flee 48
Atk 228 ~ 342 HP Reg 8 HP / 8s
Def 12 SP Reg 6 SP / 6s
Nami - 3rd Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman03.png Level 40 MDef 4
HP 732 Hit 242
SP 93 Flee 61
Atk 260 ~ 390 HP Reg 11 HP / 8s
Def 18 SP Reg 3 SP / 6s
Elfin - 4th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman04.png Level 50 MDef 6
HP 1,092 Hit 260
SP 116 Flee 83
Atk 310 ~ 465 HP Reg 17 HP / 8s
Def 25 SP Reg 3 SP / 8s
Clara - 5th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman05.png Level 60 MDef 8
HP 2,212 Hit 285
SP 280 Flee 101
Atk 360 ~ 540 HP Reg 29 HP / 8s
Def 26 SP Reg 9 SP / 6s
Dali - 6th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman06.png Level 70 MDef 11
HP 3,098 Hit 303
SP 353 Flee 116
Atk 424 ~ 636 HP Reg 51 HP / 8s
Def 35 SP Reg 16 SP / 6s
Karaya - 7th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman07.png Level 80 MDef ?
HP 4,051 Hit 321
SP 415 Flee 135
Atk 468 ~ 702 HP Reg 72 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 21 SP / 6s
Hiyori - 8th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman08.png Level 90 MDef ?
HP 5,039 Hit 343
SP 469 Flee 155
Atk 482 ~ 723 HP Reg 88 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 24 SP / 6s
Kero - 9th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman09.png Level 95 MDef ?
HP 5,572 Hit 355
SP 499 Flee 166
Atk 500 ~ 750 HP Reg 96 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 26 SP / 6s
Suki - 10th Grade Bowman Mercenary
Bowman10.png Level 99 MDef ?
HP 7,381 Hit 372
SP 642 Flee 182
Atk 816 ~ 1,124 HP Reg 126 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 34 SP / 6s

Fencer Mercenary

David - 1st Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer01.png Level 20 MDef 2
HP 502 Hit 200
SP 70 Flee 47
Atk 174 ~ 261 HP Reg 8 HP / 8s
Def 8 SP Reg 2 SP / 6s
Ellen - 2nd Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer02.png Level 30 MDef 3
HP 979 Hit 215
SP 99 Flee 68
Atk 258 ~ 387 HP Reg 10 HP / 8s
Def 10 SP Reg 2 SP / 6s
Luise - 3rd Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer03.png Level 40 MDef 5
HP 1,555 Hit 230
SP 134 Flee 85
Atk 326 ~ 489 HP Reg 13 HP / 8s
Def 12 SP Reg 4 SP / 6s
Frank - 4th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer04.png Level 50 MDef 6
HP 2,397 Hit 240
SP 162 Flee 109
Atk 382 ~ 573 HP Reg 18 HP / 8s
Def 14 SP Reg 4 SP / 6s
Ryan - 5th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer05.png Level 60 MDef 7
HP 3,387 Hit 255
SP 195 Flee 128
Atk 406 ~ 609 HP Reg 24 HP / 8s
Def 16 SP Reg 5 SP / 6s
Paolo - 6th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer06.png Level 70 MDef 9
HP 4,495 Hit 270
SP 241 Flee 145
Atk 436 ~ 654 HP Reg 33 HP / 8s
Def 19 SP Reg 8 SP / 6s
Jens - 7th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer07.png Level 80 MDef ?
HP 5,889 Hit 285
SP 279 Flee 168
Atk 468 ~ 702 HP Reg 45 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 9 SP / 6s
Thierry - 8th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer08.png Level 90 MDef ?
HP 7,520 Hit 300
SP 325 Flee 185
Atk 500 ~ 750 HP Reg 60 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 13 SP / 6s
Steven - 9th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer09.png Level 95 MDef ?
HP 9,052 Hit 305
SP 348 Flee 190
Atk 524 ~ 786 HP Reg 104 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 14 SP / 6s
Wayne - 10th Grade Fencer Mercenary
Fencer10.png Level 99 MDef ?
HP 12,355 Hit 309
SP 451 Flee 204
Atk 760 ~ 1,040 HP Reg 228 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 25 SP / 6s

Spearman Mercenary

Rodin - 1st Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman01.png Level 22 MDef 2
HP 2,071 Hit 202
SP 100 Flee 23
Atk 168 ~ 252 HP Reg 11 HP / 8s
Def 6 SP Reg 2 SP / 6s
Lancer - 2nd Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman02.png Level 34 MDef 3
HP 2,523 Hit 221
SP 131 Flee 35
Atk 208 ~ 312 HP Reg 12 HP / 8s
Def 7 SP Reg 3 SP / 6s
Nathan - 3rd Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman03.png Level 41 MDef 4
HP 3,397 Hit 231
SP 161 Flee 42
Atk 248 ~ 372 HP Reg 51 HP / 8s
Def 30 SP Reg 3 SP / 6s
Roan - 4th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman04.png Level 55 MDef 5
HP 4,580 Hit 255
SP 191 Flee 57
Atk 300 ~ 450 HP Reg 102 HP / 8s
Def 47 SP Reg 4 SP / 6s
Orizaro - 5th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman05.png Level 60 MDef 6
HP 5,899 Hit 270
SP 221 Flee 62
Atk 350 ~ 510 HP Reg 144 HP / 8s
Def 52 SP Reg 4 SP / 6s
Thyla - 6th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman06.png Level 72 MDef 22
HP 7,874 Hit 295
SP 252 Flee 75
Atk 370 ~ 555 HP Reg 77 HP / 8s
Def 25 SP Reg 30 SP / 6s
Ben - 7th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman07.png Level 81 MDef ?
HP 10,260 Hit 292
SP 330 Flee 84
Atk 380 ~ 570 HP Reg 394 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 14 SP / 6s
Pinaka - 8th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman08.png Level 90 MDef ?
HP 13,167 Hit 303
SP 366 Flee 110
Atk 400 ~ 600 HP Reg 591 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 16 SP / 6s
Kuhlmann - 9th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman09.png Level 95 MDef ?
HP 14,648 Hit 308
SP 398 Flee 120
Atk 440 ~ 660 HP Reg 683 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 20 SP / 6s
Roux - 10th Grade Spearman Mercenary
Spearman10.png Level 99 MDef ?
HP 18,000 Hit 319
SP 413 Flee 129
Atk 700 ~ 950 HP Reg 978 HP / 8s
Def ? SP Reg 23 SP / 6s

Mercenary Skills

Mercenaries have access to a wide variety of skills, both new skills and skills that are currently used by player classes. The exact skills a Mercenary receives varies from Mercenary to Mercenary, but usually they get anywhere from 2~4 skills. Stronger and higher level skills are usually only available to high level Mercenaries. Skills from summoned Mercenaries can be cast from the AI code or manually by assigning it to a hotkey for the player to target.

The following is a breakdown of the different skills the Mercenaries have available to them.

Player Skills used by Mercenaries

The following is a list of existing skills which are available to Mercenaries, broken down by what classes are able to obtain them. These skills perform identical to the skill obtained by players.

Common Mercenary Skills

Bowman Mercenary Skills

Fencer Mercenary Skills

Spearman Mercenary Skills

New Mercenary Skills

In addition to player skills, mercenaries have access to the following new skills. These skills are non-specific to any particular mercenary class.

Skill Description Type
Benediction.png Benediction
Cures a single target from Blind and Curse statuses. Supportive
Compress.png Compress
Cures a single target from Bleeding status. Supportive
Crash.png Crash
Strikes a foe with a 3-hit blow that deals ATK ×330~450% damage and stuns it by 6~30% chance. Offensive
Mental Cure.png Mental Cure
Cures a sinle target from Hallucination and Chaos statuses. Supportive
Recuperate.png Recuperate
Cures a single target from Poison and Silence statuses. Supportive
Regain.png Regain
Cures a single target from Sleep and Stun statuses. Supportive
Scapegoat.png Scapegoat
Gives all of the Mercenary's remaining HP to the contractor and dies. Supportive
Tender.png Tender
Cures a single target from Frozen and Stone statuses. Supportive
Weapon Quicken.png Weapon Quicken
Increases ASPD of the Mercenary for 30~300 seconds. Supportive
Mind Blaster.png Mind Blaster
Disconnect the follers and Devil King's connection to invalidate the Blessing of Masin. Shooting. Range 2 cell. Offensive