Homunculus S

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The Homunculus S is an advanced form of the standard Homunculi, which a Geneticist can obtain from evolving his/her current Homunculus through mutation. These new Homunculi are much stronger than the original Homunculi, and each of them have more skills, unique to each, in addition to their current skills. Geneticist classes must go through the Homunculus S Quest in order to mutate their Homunculi.

Types of Homunculus S

There are 5 types of Homunculi S with various attributes unique to each. Skills are listed in the order they are unlocked by that type.

Name Type Food Skills
6098.png Small Snow Flower
Eraser Cutter.png Eraser Cutter
Overed Boost.png Overed Boost
Xeno Slasher.png Xeno Slasher
Light of Regenerate.png Light of Regenerate
Silent Breeze.png Silent Breeze
6112.png Fresh Plant
Stahl Horn.png Stahl Horn
Goldene Ferse.png Goldene Ferse
Stein Wand.png Stein Wand
Angriffs Modus.png Angriffs Modus
Heilige Stange.png Heilige Stange
6108.png Apple Pudding
Needle of Paralysis.png Needle of Paralysis
Poison Mist.png Poison Mist
Pain Killer.png Pain Killer
Summon Legion.png Summon Legion
6104.png Big Cell
Volcanic Ash.png Volcanic Ash
Lava Slide.png Lava Slide
Granitic Armor.png Granitic Armor
Magma Flow.png Magma Flow
Pyroclastic.png Pyroclastic
6115.png Bun
Style Change.png Style Change
Sonic Claw.png Sonic Claw
Silvervein Rush.png Silvervein Rush
Midnight Frenzy.png Midnight Frenzy
Tinder Breaker.png Tinder Breaker
C.B.C (Continual Break Combo).png C.B.C (Continual Break Combo)
E.Q.C (Eternal Quick Combo).png E.Q.C (Eternal Quick Combo)

Choosing a Homunculus S

Each Homunculus S serves its own purpose that is custom tailored to the players' individual needs. Despite general opinion, players should choose based on what they plan on doing with their future as Geneticist.

Base Homunculi Review

Here is a list of the base Homunculi and what their purposes serve towards a Geneticist's Homunculus S.

  • Lif - This Homunculus is the most unfortunate one. Currently her spells don't work properly, she has no offensive skills, her defense is poor (but not as poor as Filir's), Healing Hands requires the player to keep Condensed Red Potions (which can still be somewhat useful), and Urgent Escape eventually becomes overshadowed by Cart Boost, which also increases the player's damage. Due to all this, she's unable to take advantage of her huge Max SP. Not recommended as a carry over to Homunculus S unless the owner is really attached to Healing Hands or to herself.
  • Filir - Has very high offensive power (very high ATK and ASPD) and poseeses Flitting, that will help the Homunculus S level fast, which is extremely helpful to access to their skills as soon as possible for doing whatever it is planned on doing later. Filir is by far the best choice for people that want a fast leveling Homunculus S. Nonetheless, leveling a Filir can be annoying due to its low defense, low Max HP, and poor Flee Rate in Renewals mechanics (due to it, the rest of the Homunculi have even lower Flee Rate), but the reward at the end is more than worth it due to its sheer offensive power.
Best combination: Sera
  • Amistr - It is by far the best Homunculus to raise if the player wants to turn his/her Homunculus S into a tank for solo PvM or to AFK for endless hours. Out of all the Homunculus, this one and Filir provide the most carry over spells for Homunculus S to use, as well as the most useful one. It also makes an average puller due to its survivability and provides his owner with Amistr Bulwark, a semidecent VIT boost. However, it is very, very slow to level up due to its lack of an offensive skill, but has Blood Lust, a life leeching skill that can keep him up longer, and Castling, which switches positions with his owner, in a dire situation.
  • Vanilmirth - Has an excellent defense and can use Caprice, which is extremely useful for pulling mobs from a distance to buy time to get a Cart Cannon cast off without taking a hit. However, it picks a random property, which can mean it could either inflict little to no damage or even heal certain monsters, which makes said skill more for just pulling than killing. This is the only option of Homunculus to use if the player plans to become a potion brewer, since Instruction Change increases the potion creation success rate significantly.

Homunculi S Review

Unlike base Homunculi, Homunculi S take much longer to level up, possibly for weeks and even months. They also have access to their skills upon a specific level, which some Homunculi S may take longer than others (Eleanor learns her first Offensive skill at Lv100, both Bayeri and Sera at Lv105, Eira at Lv106, and Dieter at Lv109).

  • Eira (Scope: PvM, PvP and MVP) - Being one of the unfavorite Homunculi S that doesn't get enough attention, Eira should by no means be ignored. She has Overed Boost, which temporarily provides her owner with ludicrous amounts of Flee Rate (sets Flee Rate to 500 when mastered), which can make a big difference in dire situations. And in case of a defeat, Eira can be a great backup. With Light of Regenerate, she'll bring her owner back to life. On the other hand, Eira is the fastest Loyalty farming Homunculus S ever due to how Overed Boost can make her hungry really fast. Some of Eira's skills also need certain Loyalty levels, so it's best to breed it from a basic Homunculus that has "Loyalty consuming skills" like Self-Destruction or S.B.R.44.
  • Bayeri (Scope: PvM) - A sturdy unicorn with attitude. Bayeri uses Stein Wand to protect his owner and provides Holy property area damage. However, its biggest weakness is that Heilage Stange is interruptable, which makes it an unpopular choice of Homunculus S amongst most Geneticists. Its skills, when not interrupted, can be useful for leveling, but not so useful for much else. Although Stahl Horn could be useful for PvP, there are better options availble to go with.
  • Sera (Scope: PvM, PvP, WoE and MVP) - The ultimate all purpose Homunculus S. Sera provides her owner with Pain Killer, a massive damage reduction boost that buys her owner a window of opportunity to defeat an MVP (or another player) without being barraged with massive damage. Very useful for solo PvM as well due to Poison Mist and Needle of Paralysis.
Best if mutated from Filir for PvM. Vanilmirth is a good alternative.
  • Dieter (Scope: PvM, PvP, WoE and MVP) - The most popular of the Homunculi S. Dieter provides his owner with Pyroclastic, a significant damage boost (which has the downside of possibly breaking the player's weapon) as well as Lava Slide and Magma Flow against monsters. Dieter is very sturdy, which combined with his area ability, makes him possibly the best Homunculus S to AFK with. Dieter excels at PvM and MVP, which is why it is a big favorite amongst most Geneticists.
Best if mutated from Vanilmirth or Amistr.
  • Eleanor (Scope: PvM and PvP) - Probably one of the least loved Homunculi S, brings the damage but not much else. Eleanor will slaughter any target in sight, by chaining Sonic Claw, Silvervein Rush and Midnight Frenzy for big damage. However, she does not perform well as support, which makes her one of the least used Homunculi S. May have a place in PvP, but then again, some of the other Homuncunuli S skills will prove more useful. She has no area attacks, which makes her fairly useless in PvM except for picking off single targets.
Best if mutated from Filir.

Mutating a Homunculus

To mutate a Homunculus into a Homunculus S, meet the following requirements:

  • Owner must be a Geneticist.
  • Homunculus must be evolved into their 2nd form.
  • Homunculus must be at least Level 99.

Once mutated, the Homunculus will alter its base stats, will remember all of its skills from its previous form and will change into the new "S" form. However, its Intimacy will reset to 10 (Hate). If the Homunculus did not get the evolved loyalty skill, it will not be able to acquire it after mutating. New Homunculus S skills will become available as the Homunculus reaches certain level requirements. Each Homunculus type can evolve into any Homunculus S, the resulting form is random unless a fee is paid.

Homunculus S Quest

Homunculus S
Base Level: 99
Job Class: Geneticist
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Evolved Level 99 Homunculus
Zeny: 50,000 (Optional)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Bioethics Quest
Quest Reward(s): Evolve Homunculus into an "S" form
  1. In the Geneticist guild in Lighthalzen speak with Viorel job3_gen011244.
    • Agree to visit Viorel's home and he will teleported you to his house.
  2. Talk to him again, and explore Homunculus Mutation System. He will send you to Jeyna.
  3. Talk to Jeyna; she will ask you to check the Magic Board behind her. This will give brief explanation of the Homunculus S.
    Jeyna.png MagicBoard-HomunS.png
  4. Talk to Jeyna again. If you agreed to proceed, she will transform your Homunculus back to a Strange Embryo.
    • Talk to her again and she will send you to Viorel.
  5. Talk to Viorel. He will give you and option to pay 50,000 zeny for a stabilized mutation, or not pay at all but receive unstable mutation.
    • Choose to pay in order to choose the Homunculus S that you like. He will then transform the embryo to your chosen Homunculus S.
    • Talk to him again to leave the place.