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Harmonize.png Harmonize
Harmonize Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 65 + (Skill Level × 5)
Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Duration: 1 minute
Target: Any entity
Weapon: Instrument
Status Icon: I Harmonize.png
(Minstrel) Deep Sleep Lullaby Lv. 1

Harmonize (Alt: Harmonize) is a 3rd class active skill available as Minstrel. This performance belongs to the Group A.


Enters a state of harmony with a single entity to reduce all stats of both the user and the target temporarily. Requires the user to wield an instrument.

Level Stat Drop SP Cost
1 10 70
2 15 75
3 20 80
4 25 85
5 30 90


  • Can be cast on self.