Half Moon in the Daylight

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Half Moon in the Daylight
Base Level: 80/130
Party: 1 Player
Base Experience: Easy: 126,000 Hard: 1,260,000
Job Experience: Easy: 90,000 Hard: 900,000
Item(s): 25088.png x Dream Fragment


The High Priestes Niren needs your help! The Pope of Arunafeltz has been sleeping an abnormal amount of hours recently. It keeps degrading and now she sleeps almost the entire day. She is starting to remember her family, which she had to forget upon taking the role of the Pope. She wants you to use a Device, the Path of Dreams, to enter her dream and see what is going on.


  1. Speak with High Priestess Niren (rachel 175/138) and choose Alright followed by I need time to prepare.
  2. Talk to her again to generate the intance.
  3. Click on the Path of Dreams to enter the instance. This device was made to enter the Pope's dream.
  4. Talk to the Pope right in front of you and listen to what she has to say.
  5. Move to the next area with the portal.
  6. Do the same in the next room.
  7. Walk down below and speak with the Pope once more.
  8. Two waves of mobs will spawn, kill them all to proceed.
  9. An Outraged High Priest will appear, defeat him.
    • If you see a white light near the stairs, click on it to receive the Old Doll.
      There's a small chance for it to appear randomly, so if you do not see it, move along.
  10. Talk to the Pope to continue with the story and then walk down towards the portal to enter the next area.
  11. Continue walking down and you will meet the Pope and Luwmin. Talk to Luwmin and then enter the portal below.
  12. You are now outside near the Zhed quarters. Speak with Pope and move to the left.
  13. Speak with the Pope once more. Some guards will appear and you will have to defeat them.
  14. Continue below and defeat the other guards. There are two other groups to defeat.
  15. After defeating the last group, the Pope will appear. Speak to her.
  16. Walk down below and enter the portal.
  17. You'll meet the Pope with Luwmin again. Speak with her, some friends of Luwmin appear and accompany you.
  18. Follow the navi lines on the ground and keep speaking with the Pope. You'll get multiple short stories as you go along.
  19. On the last cutscene, you will have to fight two waves of monsters.
  20. Keep following the navi line on the ground to move up to the next area. Approach the Pope to trigger the mob spawns.
  21. Repeat the same step until you defeat the Outraged High Priest. The Pope will then appear.
    • If you see a white light on the left of where the High Priest died, click on it to receive the Old Doll.
      There's a small chance for it to appear randomly, so if you do not see it, move along.
  22. Speak with the Pope.
  23. Follow the navi direction and go near the Pope again.
  24. Go in the next portal down below.
  25. Speak with the Pope once you enter the next area.
  26. Luwmin will appear as a mob, defeat him to proceed.
  27. If you did the quest on the Hard version, meaning if you are level 130 and above, you will get an extra fight.
    • Speak with the Pope and this time you will get to fight against a weaker version of Ktullanux.
    • The boss is fairly similar to Luwmin, he has better drops however.
  28. Once the enemy is defeated, talk to the Pope. You will be rewarded with 2 25088.png Dream Fragment and some experience in exchange for the 25087.png Old Doll that you've possibly collected.
  29. Exit the instance from the portal on the right.
  30. Speak with High Priestess Niren outside the instance to get your experience rewards (this is the hunting quest).


Hm 13.png

Speak with the Temple Item Manager at the entrance of the instance. He will give enchant the 28387.png Freya's Necklace. This item is obtained from killing Ktullanux in the hard version (130+) of the instance. You can only enchant the ring once and it cannot be reseted.

Price Enchant Description
25088.png Dream Fragments x100 29121.png Goddess of Justice A ATK + 20, HIT + 2, Max HP + 300.
25088.png Dream Fragments x1000 29122.png Goddess of Justice S ATK + 40, HIT + 4, Max HP + 600.
25088.png Dream Fragments x100 29123.png Goddess of Mercy A MATK + 20, Heal + 4%, Max SP + 20.
25088.png Dream Fragments x1000 29124.png Goddess of Mercy S MATK + 40, Heal + 8%, Max SP + 40.
25088.png Dream Fragments x100 29125.png Goddess of Insight A Bow weapon damage + 5%, CRI + 5.
25088.png Dream Fragments x1000 29126.png Goddess of Insight S Bow weapon damage + 10% CRI + 10.

Additional Rewards

Hm 13.png

Same as with the enchants, speak with the Temple Item Manager at the entrance of the instance. He has some items to sell.

Price Reward Description
25088.png Dream Fragments x50 23036.png Pope Mercenary Scroll A scroll that can summon Pope as mercenary.
25088.png Dream Fragments x50 23037.png Pope Mercenary Scroll (casual) A scroll that can summon Pope as mercenary (casual).
25088.png Dream Fragments x300 31032.png Drooping Lumin Fancy costume.
25088.png Dream Fragments x500 31031.png Drooping Pope Fancy costume.