Golden Dragon Helm Quest

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Golden Dragon Helm Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 7701.png 1 Soul

7289.png 5 Peridot
12080.png 9 Dragon Breath Cocktail
1035.png 400 Dragon Canine
7123.png 500 Dragon Skin

Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1559.png 1 Legacy of Dragon
Zeny: 61507.png 5 Mithril Coin
Quest Corequisite(s): Dragon of Eternity Quest
Item(s): 63017.png Golden Dragon Helm

Headgear Preview

The headgear recieved a major visual overhaul during the Legendary Update - Part 1 (July 29, 2016)

This included the headgear art, icon and ingame sprite.



Headgear Effects

STR +10, DEX +10

VIT +10, AGI+10

LUK +10

Legendary Update

The Legendary Update - Part 1 (July 29, 2016).

The Golden Dragon Helm has always been one of the favorites of our community back in the days.

With that in mind, the Golden Dragon Helm has not just recieved a major visual overhaul, but also an additional hidden quest to unleash its true power, as a legendary headgear!

Dragon of Eternity is the result of that.

The Quest

  1. Make sure that you have the 1559.png Legacy of Dragon in your inventory or equipped. Talk to Drakon ra_in01237381, and he will be amazed as he was searching for this book since over a decade. Drakon now needs your help to go and visit his research assistant in Morroc. Offer your help.
    GDH Drako.png
  2. Erutis morocc226105 will already await you and give you a list of all the item requirements for the quest. She also informs you about the elusive Dragon 7701.png Soul which you need to find somewhere in a dungeon full of dragons.
    GDH Erutis.png
  3. Go to the Abyss Dungeon and search for the hidden Odd Stone abyss_039977. At this part your character will say that you wished to have something to get the stone out of the gold pond. And that you should start looking around the treasure boxes to find such an item.
    GDH Odd Stone.png
  4. Head over to the Treasure Box located at abyss_03113158 and click the chest. You will find a Long Golden Shovel which will help you to get the Odd Stone out of the gold pond you've found earlier.
    GDH Treasure Box.png
  5. Return to the Odd Stone with the Long Golden Shovel to digg it out. You will obtain the glowing Odd Stone, which is actualy the elusive Dragon 7701.png Soul you've been looking for.
    GDH Odd Stone.png
  6. Deliver the 7701.png Soul, 61507.png 5 Mithril Coin, 7289.png 5 Peridot, 12080.png 9 Dragon Breath Cocktail, 1035.png 400 Dragon Canine and 7123.png 500 Dragon Skin to Drako ra_in01237381. With the spell learned from the book, Drako creates the 63017.png Golden Dragon Helm.
    He will also inform you that Vulcan the legendary smith will be able to further enhance his creation.
    GDH Drako.png