God's Hammer

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God's Hammer.png God's Hammer
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 30 + (Skill Level × 5)
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: (Skill Level + 6) cells
Area of Effect: 5x5
Property: Neutral
Status: Stun
Ammunition: 1 Bullets
Weapon: Rifle
Coins: All
(Rebel) Anti-Material Blast Lv. 3, Rich's Coin Lv. 1

God's Hammer (Alt: Hammer of God) is an Expanded 2nd class offensive skill available as Rebel.


Calls forth the mighty hammer of God to strike down a targeted location. Enemies affected by Crimson Marker in the targeted location will be struck by the hammer, inflicting physical damage to the affected target and all enemies around it. If there is no enemy affected by Crimson Marker in the targeted location, the hammer will drop on a random spot within the targeted location. Enemies struck by this skill will always be stunned. Each use consumes all coins.

Level Base Damage (ATK) Range Stun Duration SP Cost
1 4,200% 7 3s 35
2 5,600% 8 40
3 7,000% 9 4s 45
4 8,400% 10 50
5 9,800% 11 5s 55
Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage + {Ceiling[(Coins + 1) ÷ 2] × 200}]%


  • Description states that hammer will fall in a random area without a Crimson Marker. It appears to not drop a marker at all if there is not a crimson marked target.


Enhanced by

  • HR-S55-OS [2]:
    • If upgrade level is +9 or higher, increases damage by 20%.
    • If upgrade level is +11 or higher, reduce cooldown by 5 seconds.
  • Probation Rifle - Increases damage by 20%.
  • Rebellion Shadow Shoes:
    • Increases damage by 20%.
    • For every upgrade level, increases damage by an additional 5%.