Geffen Magic Tournament

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Geffen Magic Tournament
Base Level: 90
Party: 1 (Need to be in a party)
Hunting: 1 Desert Wolf

1 Opponent

Item(s): Geffen Magic Contest Coin

5 Restoration Items

Warning : Tournament employ kill count system in gRO. Don't use gear and skill, which has effect of Burning and Polymorphic.

Note1: You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.

Note2: All tournament's monsters in this instance are Demi-Human only, and have Neutral, Ghost, Earth element.

Note3: This instance dungeon can enter solo party only.

Note4: Cool time don't add at the start.

  1. Talk to Emmitt White dali98141 in Dimensional Gap to start the quest.
    DG EmmittWhite.png
  2. When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device and select Enter. You have 2 hour to complete this instance.
  3. Talk to Receptionist (@gef 122,58) in south area, You register participation of tournament.
    GMT Receptionist.png
    • You have to kill 1 Desert Wolf within 60sec by registration examination.
  4. Talk to Receptionist again, input your character name by register.
  5. Go to south water fountain's warp portal, start of the tournament battle.
    • Battle round has been imposed on time limit. (3min, Final round are 5min)
    • You can get a Geffen Magic Contest Coin, and go to the next round if talk to Tournament Guide.
    • (Not appear now) Healer NPC will appear every 3 round.
  6. You will be warped out from the tournament area , Talk to Fenrir's members around Geffen tower.
    Member will give you a random potion or Yggdrasil item.
    GMT fenrirs.png
  7. Go to northern Geffen's warp portal, exit this instance.
  8. Talk to Emmitt White again to the cooldown timer will start. Talk to his again after 23 hours to repeat this instance.

Instant Geffen

Special Buff Event

Note: These events will not occur if walk near Receptionist.

Event occurs when you pass through their point.

You can get Special Buff, And 3round's opponents change by your behavior. Yellow point lose a little Zeny.

GMT BuffEventPoint.png
Point Involved person 3R opponent Buff
Purple Fenrir, Loki Geffen Bully Increases magic damage
Red Chaos, Iris Irine Geffen Gang Member Receive reduces damage
Yellow Lidia Geffen Shoplifter Increase physical damage
Avoid Point

Geffen Magic Contest Coin

Geffen Magic Contest Coins are small coins with a polished surface.It is used for trading in the Geffen Magic Tournament.These coins are obtainable through battles given in Tournament.With these Geffen Magic Contest Coins you can buy equipment.

Equipment seller in Geffen's south.

GMT CoinMachine.png

Sell List

Name Position Cost Coin
2185.png Magic Reflector [1] Shield 900
2186.png Revised Encyclopedia [1]
2963.png Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Accessory 1350
2964.png Magic Intensifier Ring [1]
15073.png Anti-Magic Suit [1] Armor 1800
15074.png Geffen Magic Robe [1]

Opponent List

Round Monster Reward 6671.png Coin
1 Arhi 1
2 Dio Anemos 2 (Total 3)
3 Geffen Shoplifter 3 (Total 6)
Geffen Bully
Geffen Gang Member
4 Faymont 4 (Total 10)
5 Ordre 5 (Total 15)
6 Blut Hase 6 (Total 21)
7 Kuro Akuma 7 (Total 28)
8 Ifodes 8 (Total 36)
9 Licheniyes 9 (Total 45)
10 Odoric 10 (Total 55)
11 Ju 15 (Total 70)
Semi-Final Dwigh 20 (Total 90)
Fay Kanavian


Alphonse Jr

Final Fenrir 20 (Total 110)