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GatheringRO FAQ

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Is this a Renewal Server?

GatheringRO is using the Renewal Mechanics and 3rd classes, but is at its core a Renewal/Classic hybrid. We took the best out of both worlds so we can always offer you the latest official content while being enjoyable in every way.
Renewal Mechanics
Renewal Job classes
Renewal Content
Classic item drop rate algorithm
Classic experience gain rate algorithm
Classic attribute points algorithm

What is the exp rate of the server?

Base Experience is gained 5000x faster than official.
Job Experience is gained 5000x faster than official.

What is the drop rate of items?

Each item type has its own drop rate percentage and varies from the type of mob.
The drop rate is lower compared to the fast leveling procedure.
That's why we're a hybrid server which encourages reaching your characters max level fast but it still takes effort for the end-game content.
The exact drop rate of each item can be checked by using @whodrops or @mi while ingame.

What is the drop rate of cards?

Cards are the rarest items in the game and are globally set at a 1% drop rate.

How can I help the server?

By voting daily, writing a review or by donating to the server.
You can vote by using our Vote for Points system on our website found here.
You can write a review on Rate My Server which helps us to gain new players here.
For details on how to donate go here.

Who are the Game Masters of this server?

You can see a list of our entire staff here.

How can I play on this server?

Just download the Full Client here.
Register an account here.

How can I manually patch my client if my patcher won't work?

Manually patching your client is not possible.
Patcher Error Solutions can be found here.
We're always available on our Discord Server or our forums if you need any further assistance!

Why do I still get sprite errors?

Ask this to your self and see if you already did them:
  • Have I installed the latest FullClient?
  • Did I update GatheringRO's Patch Client successfuly?

These are guaranteed fixes and you shouldn't have any trouble with sprites unless there's an isolated problem. If that's the case please report the error here.

Detailed Error Solutions can be found here: Link

Is there a Low Rate Server?

No it was discontinued due to low population a long time ago.

Does this server have custom items?

Yes and most of them are available through quests.
You can see a list of our custom items here.

How can I get these custom items?

See our Custom Quest Guide found here.
  • Custom Cards can be gotten from their respective monsters at 1% chance just like the other cards.
  • Some custom headgears can be obtained from their respective monsters at a low chance. To see if the respective headgear is being dropped by a monster, please check out the detailed information on an item in our item database.
Other gear or items are usualy available through our custom ingame shops or other ingame activity. If you are not sure ask the players ingame using the Global Support Chat or contact us in our forums or on Discord.

What are Surprise Boxes?

62002.png GM Surprise Boxes are special boxes that work similiar to the 603.png Old Blue Box. It contains a random amount of 61625.png GatheringRO Token and 8pcs of a random Consumable Item. It is only given through Game Master Events. Link
There's a big variety of all kinds of surprise boxes which are usualy handed out during saisonal events.

Do you have Custom NPCs?

Yes we do and most of them are in Althea, our Capital City.
Althea offers you a main service area with tons of convenient features at your disposal.

Is Lord Kaho's Horn available on this server?

Yes, LKH is available through a custom quest.
More informations about the quest can be found here.

Is Balmung available on this server?

Yes Warrior's Balmung is obtainable by completing the GatheringRO Castle Dungeon.

Are the official God Items available on this server?

Yes, Sleipnir, Mjollnir, Brisingamen and Mejingjard are available. We are using the original God Item Quest. However they've been slightly modified for easier access.
Also the new God Items Aesprika and Brynhildr are available through the official quest or our custom GatheringRO Castle Dungeon.

Are the Homunculus available on this server?

Yes, please refer to the Homunculus System for all the details.

Where can I find the supplies to make an Embryo?

The Homunculus Supply Dealer is in alde_alche 36 182

Is AFK Leveling or Hunting legal?

This server does not condone such acts and as such, autolooting is disabled if the character is on idle for a certain amount of time. Experiences however still is obtainable even if your character is on idle.

Is the Wedding System and Adoption System enabled?

The Wedding System and Adoption System are fully functional.
Same sex marriage is available in our Capital City Althea.

Are the Expanded Classes available on this server?

Yes, we keep implementing all latest classes as soon as they're properly implemented.
You can change to them by making a Base Lv. 45 Novice.
For a full list of all available classes checkout the Classes wiki article.
For a guide about Super Novices refer to this guide.

How can I be a Baby Class?

You can change into a Baby Class by making a Base Lv.1 and Job Lv.1 Novice.
Then you can either get adopted by a couple or talk to the [Baby Job Master] in Althea.

Is the Socket Enchantment System enabled?

Yes, the NPC can be seen on upgrade shops in:
  • Prontera - prt_in 33, 70
  • Lighthalzen - lhz_in02 281, 35
  • Payon - payon 140, 151
  • Morocc - morocc 51, 42

Where are the Advanced Weapon and Armor Refiner located?

The refinement system has been entirely redesigned back in April 2nd 2016
Please refer to our [Refinement System] Guide.

Where is the NPC to learn the Enlarge Weight Limit R?

Ripped Cabus is found in payon 173, 141.

What quests are available on this server?

GatheringRO keeps implementing all the latest official content as soon as available
For player created guides, please refer to the Player Guides page.
For official created guides, please refer to the Basic Guides page.
For custom quests, please refer to the Custom Quests Guide.

What are the available commands for players?

The list of commands available for the players are listed here.
Account Plus owners get access to additional commands listed here.

What time is War of Emperium on this server?

Detailed informations about War of Emperium can be found here.
Use @time command to know the server time during you're online.
The server time is also written down on our website at the server status.

Is there a mall in this server?

Yes there is, located at the Market Area in Althea. Please refer to the Guide NPC in the middle of Althea if you can't find the market place.
Here you can find all the player venders and some shops to buy basic to advance weapons, armors, class based items, taming items and more.

Are MVPs and Mini Bosses FFA(Free for All)?

MVP Bosses and World Bosses are Free For All, that means anyone can attack them and will not be considered as Kill Stealing (KSing).
Mini Bosses however, are NOT Free for All, you are not allowed to attack the mini boss someone is already fighting, doing so will be considered as Kill Stealing and will get you jailed.

Is there an MVP Arena in this server?

Not specificaly, however we offer several instances and automated invasion events which includes most of the MVPs already.
This makes MVPs overall more accessable.
Bloody Dead Branches can also be used in a Rental House which you have full control over as your private area or to invite your friends.

Is there a Gold Room in this server?

Yes GatheringRO features a Gold Field where you can find Goldring
These Goldrings can be found at alt_fild03 and drop valuable items.

How can I get jailed?

You can get jailed by doing something bad like, extremely excessive spamming, kill stealing, and harassing players.
This punishment will be based on some of the In-game Rules.

How will I know when can I get out from jail?

Use the command @jailtime

How can I get banned?

You can get banned by doing something resented by the GM Team and the Administration such as, evasion of punishment, scamming, botting, character hacking, server hacking, and extremely pissing off a member of the GM Team. Please make sure to read our ingame rules in detail before you start playing.
This punishment will be according to the In-game Rules.

How can I get muted?

You can get muted by simply spamming in the crowded cities such as Althea.
Spamming include, Deal Spam, Chat Spam, Global Chat Spam and Skill Spam.

How can I report misbehaving players?

You can use the command @request followed by <Offender's Name> <Reason>, this message will go directly to any GM online.
Alternatively you can report them privately on our My Player Reports section.

Is there a rule about how I should set up Pubs and Vends?

It is prohibited to set-up Pubs right next to NPCs or other usable things, as it's stealing the overview.
All Vendings should be on the right side of Althea, at the market place.