Factory Quest

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NPC Involved Items Required
ein_in01 67 242
einbroch 132 84

1. Find Zelmeto the friendly factory supervisor inside Einbroch Factory (ein_in01 67 242) He'll speak about the hardship and the not having enough staff in the factory. After deciding to help him, he will suggest for you to inspect parts of the factory.

2. He will speak about the parts that need examining. Check each one, but return to him before checking the next one.

  • 2nd Control Panel: ein_in01 48 231
  • 3rd Pressure Governor: ein_in01 107 216
  • Main Control Panel: ein_in01 61 257
  • Small Conveyor: ein_in01 45 196
  • Pipe: ein_in01 100 265
  • Large Conveyor: ein_in01 95 234

3. Zelmeto will then talk to the Manager and request for the parts to be fixed. Warp out of the factory to find the fat and ugly Liotzburg (einbroch 132 84), he's the factory manager, and he also reveals that he's too stingy to use his money on the factory.

4. Go back to Zelmeto. He will then say that he can fix the broken parts if he has: 10 Rusty Screw, 20 Flexible Tube and 10 Used Iron Plate.

5. Give him the materials. After the fixes the parts, he will thank you and award you with some experience points and a coupon quest point.