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Experience (abbreviated EXP) is the value that determines how much a character has battled. It is quantified as Base Experience Points for overall character growth and Job Experience Points for Job Class growth. Experience can be gained by killing monsters, completing quests, or through exchanging Prize Medals earned in Minigames. After a certain amount of either Base Experience or Job Experience Points, the character or its Job Class will grow one level, with each subsequent level requiring even more experience to gain.


Experience earned from monsters is dependent on multiple factors: Modifiers, and whether or not the player is in a party set on Even Share. Base Experience in actual numbers can be viewed on the Character Selection screen.

Even though GatheringRO claims to be a Renewal server, when it comes to the mechanics it's actually a unique hybrid. GatheringRO still uses the classic monster experience system, which means Level Differences between the monster and the player doesn't affect the amount of experience you will gain upon killing the monster.

Level Differences In-Game

When hovering over the name of a monster, the color will change based on the difference between its level and the player's. In some cases it may take a moment for the correct color to appear, though this sometimes does not work either. Since as mentioned, gRO is still using the classic experience system, this feature doesn't play such a big role and is solely a visual help to see the level gap.

Monster Level Name Color
Above 10 of Player BelowLevel.png
Within range of Player EqualLevel.png
Below 15 of Player AboveLevel.png

Party Sharing

Experience is split between party members. For example, if a Wizard is sharing with a Priest and Monk, the experience gained by the monsters killed by all three will be equally distributed between the three of them. In a party, there is a 20% EXP bonus per character starting from 2. All players in a party must fall in a range not exceeding 50 Base Levels in order to share. For example: A group of level 55, 105, 98, 100 and 102 players may all share as they are within 50 Base Levels of each other. Were a level 54 character to join the party, party share would be broken.

Characters Total EXP Per Person
2 120% 60%
3 140% 47%
4 160% 40%
5 180% 36%
6 200% 33%
7 220% 31%
8 240% 30%
9 260% 29%
10 280% 28%
11 300% 27%
12 320% 27%

Quest Experience Reward

  • Many quests offer experience rewards for doing them. See Quest Table for a list of quests that give experience rewards.
  • Note that is not possible to gain more than one level from a single bundle of reward experience, if the experience rewards exceeds the experience required to level up by a huge amount.
  • VIP and Battle Manuals increase experience gained from quests.
  • Server EXP events increase experience gained from quests.
  • However equipments that increase experience gained from monsters do not affect quest reward EXP.
Max yield = (CurrLv_EXP_Req) × 2 − (Curr_EXP) − 1
  • Gathering the experience when a player's current EXP% is close to zero will maximize the gain from a single amount.


The following skills, items, or effects can add to experience (Base/Job) gained via killing monsters:

Additionally, the following items also increase experience (Base/Job) gained temporarily via turning in prize medals or earned from quests, Login Rewards or Automated Events.

Modifier Stacking

EXP Yield = (Original_EXP)[(1 + EXP_Event_Mod + VIP_Mod)(Equip_Mod + Card_Mod) + Manual_Mod] × EXP_Tap_Mod x MentalSensing_Mod
  • VIP EXP bonuses do not stack with Battle Manuals. However on gRO, VIP accounts (Account Plus) have the Battle Manual bonus increased to +75% / +150% / +300% (Regular & Thick / HE / X3) as a workaround to effectively allow manual bonus to "apply" to the VIP EXP bonus.
  • For aligned Monster Formula (TaeKwon Masters), the Blessing Modifier stack additively into the Mental Sensing modifier.

Battle Manual Comparison for VIP Users

The following table assumes 2x Exp Event with the player using a Battle Manual X3.

Base Monster EXP 10,000
EXP Event +100%
VIP Bonus +50% +0%
Manual Modifier +300% Original Value +200% Original Value
Total EXP Yield 55,000 40,000
Effective EXP Rate 5.5x 4x