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Equipment General Overview

Equipment is a significant part of gameplay, and many players strive to constantly improve their gear. To equip a piece of gear, simply double click on it, or drag it from the inventory (alt-e) to the Equip window (alt-q). The character will have to be the required class, and over the required minimum level specified on the item. Some items are also for transcendent classes only.

For new players, completing the Mr.Giveaway Quest is highly recommended. Mr.Giveaway is a consecutive quest which introcudes some of the main features Gathering Ragnarok Online has to offer and rewards the players with a full PvP Gear set once completed! However, note that these gears are all account bound, meaning you cannot sell ot trade them to other accounts or players.

When ready to move on to more advanced gears beyond the beginner set and the pvp starter set, the selection could be quite daunting. Often, the exact same gears can be shared among multiple classes, at least within the PVM / MVP sector. For WoE / PVP, gears differ quite a bit and much focus is put onto stacking Demi Human reductions for better survivability, and usually includes the WoE set. There are of course exceptions to every case. The main piece of equipment that tends to differ is the weapon, although certain weapons can be shared as well among similar classes, like how Royal Guards and Rune Knights can both equip Spears.

In Gathering Ragnarok Online we've introcuded a rarity system which includes Ascended gear which counts to the best gear available in the game, especially for PvP content. It is absolutely possible to get your hands on Ascended gear as a beginner by spending time in WoE and Battlegrounds or even normal questing. With the beginner PvP set from Mr. Giveway, you get the perfect start to join in on the fun right away.


The weapon is often the most important factor to the character's damage output, and is the first thing to improve upon. The database GatheringRO hosts offers very good searching capabilities. The filters allow you to search for specific weapon types within the "Item" category. One good method is to specify the class, choose to sort by "ATK", and view the strongest weapons available. For magic classes, choose "MATK" instead. Weapons that are not buyable from NPCs can be bought from other players, or can be hunted from the monster(s) that drops it.

For endgame purposes, it is recommended to look at the [Class Discussion] in our forums to see what the best weapons available for each class are. For leveling purposes on new or lower leveled characters, generally the highest ATK or MATK weapons that the character can equip at their level are adequate.

The Weapons page lists the different types of weapons and ammunition.


Normally, a garment is used mainly for helping reduce damage a character takes. This is especially important for classes that cannot equip a shield at all times due to having to use a two-handed weapon. Garments are often used for Neutral reduction, which can reduce the damage a monster's regular melee attacks can inflict as well as certain skills that have neutral element.


One very important function of an armor is the ability to change the character's element (level one always). In all cases except for Ghost, wearing the particular element armor will reduce damage from that element, which is absolutely necessary to reduce an MVP's elemental skill, and also even for some regular monsters. Each element has a card for it, but certain armors such as Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] also change a character's element by default.

Note: do NOT card an elemental armor such as a Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] (fire property) with another elemental card (like a Swordfish Card for water). The card will OVERWRITE the existing element with the card's element (fire overwritten by water).

Reference: Elemental Armor

Aside from element change, armors can also offer increased HP, increased ATK and MATK, and other small bonuses.

See also: Status Inflicting Cards (Armor)


Footgear is mostly used for increasing HP and SP, and is vital for increasing a character's HP pool and SP pool.

See also: EXP Increase (Shoes)


A shield is very important on reducing damage a character takes, as its name suggests. Usually, the shield itself does not provide the most important aspect of reduction, and the card inside is what's important. They take up the Right Hand slot in the equipment window. As such, when a character is wielding a two-handed weapon, they cannot wear a shield (although they can certainly gear swap mid battle to a shield).

Racial Reduction cards are very useful and are the most popular type of card used. It is recommended that most players create a collection of shields with the most common racial reduction cards in them. Cheaper cards can also be put into cheaper shields and do not necessarily always need the benefits higher end shields provide.

Reference: Shield Reduction Card (By Race)

Other reductions are also available as well, by size and by monster element. Monster element cards tend to be not as popular, because they only offer 20% reduction and many maps do not have monsters with the same element.

Reference: Shield Reduction Card (By Size) & Shield Reduction Card (By Monster Element)


There is an immense number of headgears in the game, some of which are dropped from monsters, some created from certain ingredients, some available from certain quests, and some available only from Cash Shop. Some headgears are almost used only for aesthetic purposes as well.

For miscellaneous information on headgears, please see headgears.


Legendary equipment will always have the same relative stats as the highest quality available for the item type. Currently, the only legendary items available are headgears and crafting materials related to them which equal the power of an ascended gear. These may offer special visual or item effects.

Legendary equipment is only available by completing very challenging and unique [Legendary Quests] and usualy take a lot of time or are very expensive. They are account bound, which means you can't buy legendary gear directly from other players.

Equipment Req. Lvl Notable Effect(s) Notes Quest
63001.png Dark Lord Helm [1]
220+ All Stats +10, Increases Maximum HP/SP Visuals can be upgraded to a Dark High Lord Helm. Dark Lord Helm Quest
63111.png Dark High Lord Helm [1]
220+ All Stats +10, Increases Maximum HP/SP Upgraded version of Dark Lord Helm. Vulcan the legendary smith
63012.png Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1]
220+ All Stats +15 Features multiple colors and visuals can be upgraded to a Hardened Valkyrie Helm. Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest
63105.png Hardened Valkyrie Helm [1]
220+ All Stats +15 Features multiple colors to choose from. Upgraded version of Blessed Valkyrie Helm. Vulcan the legendary smith
63089.png Prism [1]
220+ You can choose your own item effect out of 4 different effects available. Fakes visuals to the chosen upper headgear used while completing the quest. Prism Quest
63104.png Dragon of Eternity [1]
220+ All Stats +10, Enables faster Attack Speed Upgraded version of [Golden Dragon Helm Quest] Dragon of Eternity Quest
63101.png Cosmic Infinity [1]
220+ All Stats +10
Increases movement speed (this effect stacks with other movement speed increasing effects)
Visuals can be upgraded to a Awakened Cosmic Infinity. Cosmic Infinity Quest
63102.png Awakened Cosmic Infinity [1]
220+ All Stats +10
Increases movement speed (this effect stacks with other movement speed increasing effects)
Upgraded version of [Awakened Cosmic Infinity]
Features an Animated visor.
Vulcan the legendary smith

Reference: Elemental Resist Cards (Headgear)


Many accessories, as the name implies, offers some alternative useful abilities, such as Teleport and Heal. Because of this, the user can sometimes switch to the accessory to perform that particular function, and swap back to another one more oriented for battle. Note that accessories cannot be upgraded.

For a list of accessories, check accessories or use the database to search for a list.