Dragon of Eternity Quest

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Dragon of Eternity Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 63017.png 1 Golden Dragon Helm

61637.png 200 Obsidian Fragment
7265.png 100 Dragon Horn
7441.png 40 Blue Feather
733.png 1 Cracked Diamond

Zeny: 61507.png 8 Mithril Coin

61506.png 9 Platinum Coin
61505.png 9 Silver Coin

Quest Prerequisite(s): Golden Dragon Helm Quest
Quest Reward(s): 63104.png Dragon of Eternity

The Dragon of Eternity is one out of just a handful of legendary headgears which can be obtained in GatheringRO. Every single legendary headgears offers unique effects, looks or other special features and the Dragon of Eternity is no exception.

Legendary Quests require patience and a lot of effort to be completed.

Headgear Preview

DoE preview.png

Headgear Effects

All Stats +10

Enables faster Attack Speed

Legendary Update

The Golden Dragon Helm has always been one of the favorites of our community back in the days.

With that in mind, the Golden Dragon Helm recieved a major visual overhaul and an additional hidden quest to unleash its true power, as a legendary headgear!

Dragon of Eternity is the result of that.

The Legendary Update - Part 1 (July 29, 2016) introduced the new headgear with some little hints to Vulcan, the new legendary smith which we're here about to unveal.

Vulcan, the legendary smith

Look out, he's loose!


Vulcan, the legendary smith just moved to the Althea smithery.

Seeking for more power, he's on the lookout for a powerful fellow.

Being the only known person who's capable to work with Obsidian Fragments.

He will be your best friend, when it comes to modifying your legendary gear's visuals, and in this case also your headgear's power.

The Quest

Smithery Location

This quest isn't a too complicated one, but it requires a lot of money and ressources, just like the original Golden Dragon Helm.

To get started, head over to the Althea smithery located at (althea 184 183) and enter the building.


Once inside, head to the far back of the room, where you will find another portal which you shall enter.


Vulcan's Workshop

And here we are, Vulcan's new workshop.



At this point you must have:

1. Finished the Golden Dragon Helm quest

2. Make sure to have your Golden Dragon Helm equipped.

His Knowledge

He will start noticing your Golden Dragon Helm when you talk to him, offering you improvements.


He seems to be well aware of its true power, and is willing to unleash it for you!

All you have to do is to bring him all the requested items.

Item Requirements

63017.png 1 Golden Dragon Helm from Quest
61637.png 200 Obsidian Fragment from War of Emperium, Adventure Guild or Token Merchant
7265.png 100 Dragon Horn dropped by Dancing Dragon
7441.png 40 Blue Feather dropped by Dame of Sentinel and Lady Solace
733.png 1 Cracked Diamond dropped by Isis

And for his work he wants to get paid as follows:
61507.png 8 Mithril Coin
61506.png 9 Platinum Coin
61505.png 9 Silver Coin


Once finished, he will start to forge it, which takes a few seconds while offering you some visual feedback of his forging skills.


A lot of work and money later, you have finally made it!