Doomed Swords and Comodo Cheese Quest

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Doomed Swords and Comodo Cheese Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Blue Gemstone, 1 Sapphire, 1 Emerald, 1 Shining Stone, 1 Rough Elunium, 1 Cobweb, 2 Snake Scales, 1 Shining Scale, 1 Stinky Scale, 1 Scale Shell, 3 Claw of Desert Wolf, 10 Tooth of Bat, 1 Piece of Egg Shell, 20 Red Herbs, 5 Stones, 1 Stone Heart, 2 Iron Ore, 10 Acorn, 5 Decayed Nail, 2 Brigan, 1 Phracon, 1 Emperium, 3 Tentacles, 2 Coal, 25 Amulet, 1 Necklace of Oblivion, 3 Old Hilt, 3 Wooden Blocks, 3 Foolishness of the Blind, 50 Ogre Tooth, 9 Bloody Edge, 6 Blade Lost in Darkness, 9 Ruby, 1 Loki's Whispers
Item(s): 1 Mysteltainn -OR- 1 Grimtooth -OR- 1 Executioner
  • Note: The items required are just for the actual quest (random weapon included), not the 3 "get what you want" swords.

1. Talk to Camping Youth (Rockha) in Comodo at (204,310). Select "Continue Conversation."

2.Talk to another Campground Boy (Rochito) at (206,310). Select "Inquire Barbecue Meat."

3.Go to the building in Comodo (115,288) and find Chief (Tausupa). Obtain Koserahserah seasoning.

4. Find Rochito and give him the seasoning. Obtain some Mureuchieligu Wine.

5. Return to Chief (Tausupa) and give him the Mureuchieligu Wine.

6. Return to Rochito. He informs you about there is a Pub where you can inquire about the Cave Cheese.

7. Talk to Rockha again.

8. Go to Comodo (88,97) and talk to the Cheese Specialist (Toruna). Select "Comodo is the town inside the cave?"

9. Go to Comodo (164,291) and talk to Rakusa.

10. Talk Kichiri at Comodo (169,284).

11. Talk to Magatsu at (163,280).

12. Go to the Comodo Casino and find the Casino gambler (Manzi) at (cmd_in02 189,99) and give him the lucky bottle cap.

13. Talk to the Hula-Hoop Lady (Hullaris) at (187,153).

14. Go to (beach_dun3 30,220) and look for a Training Magician (Nigirboran). Talk to him again to take the test. When you pass the test you will receive a token button.

15. Return to Hullaris and give her the token button. She will give you the Cave Cheese.

16. Go to Aldebaran (44,53) and find the practicing magician (Meteurengut). He needs you to bring:

After giving him the items, you'll obtain the Slate of Muriniel.

17. Go to Morroc (201,30) and look for Zaka. He asks you to bring:

Obtain the Book Of the Lamb.

18. Talk to Won at Comodo (232,87). Obtain the Muriniel Stamp.

19. Talk to Cetsu at Morroc (281,178) for information on Grimtooth.

20. Go to Prontera (197,188) to find Veeyop to know about info on Mystleltainn.

21. Find Nahlen at izlude_in17389.

  • This part is currently broken as the NPC is no longer present.

22. Talk to Ghatu at Prontera Pub prt_in16211.

23. Find the man (Blacksmith) at (pay_fild08 218,283). Prepare the materials for him to make the swords (optional).

24. Go to Juno (261,99) look for A sage Ichealla. He asks you to bring:

Obtain the Real Muriniel's Stamp.

25. Talk to sage Shichealla at Juno (305,207). He asks you to bring:

Obtain Muriniel's Stamping Ink.

26. Talk to sage Eschealla at Juno (213,298). He asks you to bring:

Obtain Muriniel's Compass.

27. Go to (mjolnir_02 170 193). Search the hut to find Muriniel's Recording.

28. Walk down from the hut and meet the Middle Aged Man (Walker) at (mjolnir_02 186,193). He asks you to bring:

29. Talk to the Old Man (Cutting nail old man, Molf) at Payon (248,159). He asks you to bring:

30. Talk to the Bachelor (Hyui) in Morroc (248,159). He asks you to bring:

You will randomly get 1 of the 3 Doomed swords.