Dark Lord Helm Quest

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Dark Lord Helm Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 7102.png 1 Nightmare

7806.png 1 God Anvil
5181.png 1 Helm of Darkness
7757.png 10 Mithril
7420.png 6 Player Skull
7566.png 10 Will of Red Darkness
7799.png 666 Crystal of Darkness

Quest Corequisite(s): Dark High Lord Helm Quest
Item(s): 63001.png Dark Lord Helm

The Dark Lord Helm is one out of just a handful of legendary headgears which can be obtained in GatheringRO. Every single legendary headgears offers unique effects, looks or other special features and the Dark Lord Helm is no exception.

Legendary Quests require patience and a lot of effort to be completed.

Headgear Preview

The headgear recieved a slight visual overhaul during the Legendary Update - Part 1 (July 29, 2016)

This included the headgear art, icon and ingame sprite.



Headgear Effects

All Stats +10

Increases Maximum HP/SP


You will require at least 7102.png 1 Nightmare to be able to initialy start the quest.

Nightmare can either be obtained from the Comodo Digging Quest, or from the World Boss reward shop located inside the Adventure Guild building.

You will also need 7420.png 6 Player Skull to be able to continue the quest once you've started it. ​​​​​​​Skulls can be obtained by killing other players in PvP or by dying in PvP. Normal skull items without a player name on it won't work in this case!

Make sure you've got a strong character and enough healing consumables with you, so you can defeat the Boss monster fight included in this quest.

If you want to save time and don't want to farm another set of 7420.png 6 Player Skull, make sure you've got all the item requirements already with you before starting the quest.


The Quest

The Tombstone

Your journey starts at (niflheim 189 121), where you will come across an ancient tombstone.

At this part of the quest, you already require 7102.png 1 Nightmare, which must be placed into your inventory before clicking the tombstone.


The tombstone has your name written on it! This is, where you die!


Click "Return to save point", which starts your death experience, and with that the quest.

The Nightmare

Is this a Nightmare?

You'll find yourself in a really creepy place. In front of you, is a statue which you can interact with.


The Dark Master tells you to present 6 human sacrifice.

This is where your opponents and/or friends or even your own skulls come into place.

You must have at least 6 inside your inventory to be able to enter the next room.

Please note that they will not be consumed as you will need them inside that room.

The Sacrifice

Inside this room you've just entered are 6 Cauldrons located in a circle around you.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you only have 7420.png 1 Player Skull inside your inventory at any given time when you're interacting with a Cauldron.

The Cauldrons will always consume all of your skulls, but you will still have to place 1 skull into each cauldron!

Start the the one in front of you (top left), remember to only have 7420.png 1 Player Skull inside your inventory, place the other ones inside your storage.

Continue with the one to the right (clockwise) until you've sacrificed a skull into each one of the Cauldrons.


As soon as you've sacrificed a 7420.png Player Skull into the last Cauldron, the Dark Lord will immediately spawn with his purpose to truly kill you.

The Dark Lord

Defeat this extremely dangerous opponent to be able to continue with the quest.

It has been said that if he appears in your nightmare, he's able to unleash his true powers.


In case you're successful on defeating the Dark Lord, a warp portal will appear in the middle of the room.


The Graveyard

Now that you've reached the graveyard, you will have to fight yourself through the tremendous amount of ghosts!

Your main goal here will be to simply destroy the barriers. But it may be smarter to get rid of the ghosts in the first place.


Once you've destroyed the barriers by attacking them, you will be able to move along the path until you reach the Dark Saint


The Dark Saint

Now, before talking to him, make sure you have all the quest item requirements ready.

If not, you will wake up from your nightmare and return to the capital city Althea.

In that case you will have to get another set of 6 skulls and beat the Ghosts to be able to reach the Dark Saint again.


When you're ready:

"Well done human" he says... You have beaten all his challenges and arrived him at last.


Exchange your items in return for the legendary Dark Lord Helm!