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    Login Rewards


Truly rewarding!
Every day, upon staying online for a full hour, a login rewards window will appear right in the middle of the screen.
All that is required to receive a reward is to be online for an hour during that day, and the reward for that will wait until it is claimed.

The pop-up window will always show the current progress on the schedule.
Your rewards follow a specific cycle where each day you log in, you get another reward. The cycle repeats after 28 claimed rewards. Days are accumulative, so missing a day will not matter, you simply progress a day each day you login.

To check your current progress, you can use @reward at any given time.


If your character does not recieve the reward, it might be due overweight protection. Simply clean your inventory and relog to retry.
If after claiming the reward another character is loaded, that other character will not receive the reward.

If you go offline without collecting your reward, it will still be waiting for you upon reloading the game, even if it is the following day; this means you are not able to progress to the next one until you've claimed it.

  • Progress of how much minutes you stay online is saved
  • You can relog and switch characters without losing progress
  • Rewards do not vanish if you are overweight, simply clean your inventory and relog
  • @reward also shows how much time is left until you can claim your next reward
  • If you stay idle for too long during the first hour, the online timer will stop. You will have to move for the timer to continue

All Rewards are account bound and with that non-tradable and cannot be transfered anywhere else than your storage.
Login Rewards are entirely account based, creating multiple accounts to claim more rewards is forbidden.



    Token Shop

gRO Token is the new currency earned through the Login Reward system.
Spent in the GatheringRO Token Shop in Althea. Used to purchase various rewards.


Costume Shop Clerk

The shop rotates on a weekly basis each monday morning.
The rotation is random and will pick a shop, consisting of 6 costumes from a big pool of shops. We're regularly adding new costumes to the shops. So it's worth to check back each week if you're seeking for some new costumes.
Depending on the costume rarity, some items may appear more often than others, so make sure to save some tokens in case something rare appears!


Kafra Token Merchants

Our Kafras are selling a variety of consumables and other useful items.

Token Shop comes with 2 mighty tools at your disposal.

Ascended Salvage Tool
- A mighty hammer to salvage rare crafting materials from ascended Emperium Weapons or Armors. The Ascended Salvage Tool supports only Emperium Gear and will help you gathering rare materials, or simply get back some fragments if you've made a wrong pick. It also warns you about refinements. Cards however are being savely returned to your inventory.
Please note that Emperium Gear gets destroyed during this process and can't be returned.

Advanced Mining Pick
- Highly efficient at gathering resources and uncovering rare components. The advanced Mining Pick replaces the need of having any other picks if you're going to mine and increases the amount of mobs you can kill. Crystal Mine