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Daily quests are quests that will usually have a cooldown timer of 20 to 23 hours and takes a short amount of time to complete. Most daily quests will reward the player with EXP or misc items that serve as a currency for the region the quest is in.

In most cases, the player is expected to complete a non-repeatable quest to obtain access to daily quests in the area.


The [Adventure Guild] is a custom daily quest system only found at GatheringRO.
It offers you a big variety of randomly generated Monster Hunt, Monster Taming, Item Supply and MVP Hunt quests. The [Adventure Guild] also features several reward shops which give you high value items in exchange for Exchange Coupons.

Rewards depend on the type of quest. Each finished quests rewards you always with Experience, Zeny and either

which can be exchanged for various goods.


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Lost Puppies Quest ??? Scales None None
Strange Hydra Quest None 11502.png 3 Light Blue Potions
+5 DEX, VIT & LUK for 30 mins.
The Song of Iara 11517.png 2 Purification Potion


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Yai Of The Wild 99 200,000 200,000 6081.png Splendide Coin(s)
Troublemakers 120 300,000 300,000
Laphines That Love The Land
Lost Adventurers
Food Supply
Dusting Off
Collecting Souvenirs



El Dicastes

Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Chesire's New Day 80 50,000 40,000 6304.png 1 Sapha's Certification
Department Quests Varies None 6304.png 6 Sapha's Certification
Document Quests None 6304.png Sapha's Certification(s)

Flame Basin

Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Eliminating Risk 140 1,000,000 800,000 None
Collecting Mana 350,000 350,000
Rampaging Box 800,000 800,000 6304.png 1 Sapha Certification


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Clean the Ship None None 40,000 11536.png 9 Cat Ship Biscuit
12636.png 10 Malang SP Can
Compass Game 40,000 40,000 6422.png 3 E Class Coin
Fill the Crack None None 6422.png 20 E Class Coin
Help Chef Nyas 80,000 6422.png 3 E Class Coin
Help The Bad Cats In Danger None 12636.png 20 Malang SP Can
6422.png 5 E Class Coin
Noisy Machine 20,000 20,000 6422.png 3 E Class Coin
Yggdrasil Berry Gathering None None 6422.png 20 E Class Coin


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Bow-wow Quests 99 None Scales 6380.png 1 Mora Coin
Woof-grr Quests
Elephantine Quests 135 6380.png 3 Mora Coins
Soul Guide Quests 99 None None Various Items &
6380.png Mora Coin(s)


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Stop the Wizard! 100 300,000 300,000
25271.png 1 Illusion Stone
No Mercy for Illusions!
Remembering My Ancestors!
Timeless Item 140 ? ? None

Port Malaya

Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Can't Look Into His Eyes 100 200,000 200,000 6497.png Lesser Agimat{s}
Get Rid of the Jejeling
Ghost on the Ferry Ship
Jejeling and Jejellopy
Marie's Child
Purified Bones
Shiny Blade
The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron
Traditional Spiritual Protection & Impudent Girl
Port Malaya Daily Summary 100 2,000,000 2,000,000 6497.png 10 Lesser Agimat (Non-VIP)

6497.png 20 Lesser Agimat (VIP)


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Hope You Cannot Let Go 100 200,000 200,000 6919.png 10 Honor Token
The Dress 6919.png 4 Honor Token
Today I Feel
Banquet: Washing 15 Dishes None None
Banquet: Griffin Barbeque None None
Banquet: Unexpected Sauce None None
Warrior Discipline 140 500,000 500,000
Request from Chief Guard 800,000 250,000
Clean Life 700,000 500,000
To My Beloved Fellow
Lowly Standards
Suppressing Darkness
Bothersome Little Thing
Finding Lights
Refreshing Prison Life

Splendide & Manuk

Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Alfheim Perfume 70 None 70,000 6081.png 3 Splendide Coins
Collecting Draco Eggs 40,000 40,000 6081.png 1 Splendide Coin
6080.png 1 Manuk Coin
Laphine Craftsman 30,000 30,000 6081.png 3 Splendide Coins
Midgard Ore None 700,000 6080.png 2 Manuk Coins
Part Time Job Varies Varies None
Tribe Investigation Varies Varies 6080.png 1 Manuk Coin


Quest Level Base EXP Job EXP Additional Reward
Passage Cleaning 140 1,500,000 1,000,000 None
Eliminating Risks
New Power Source
Core Collection
Collect Memory Records of Research Facilities
Collect Memory Records of Laboratories
Helping Her 725,000 725,000
Police Chief's Request 1,000,000 None
Bard's Story ??? ???
Krotzel's Request 1,500,000 1,000,000
Monthly Brigan: Photo Journalist's Request
Monthly Brigan: Rookie's Request
Monthly Brigan: Grylls's Request