Cross Ripper Slasher

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Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher
Cross Ripper Slasher Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 16 + (Skill Level × 4)
Cast Delay: 1 second
Target: Enemy
Range: (Skill Level + 8) cells
Weapon: Katar
(Guillotine Cross) Rolling Cutter Lv. 1

Cross Ripper Slasher (Alt: Cross Ripper Slasher) is a 3rd class offensive skill available as Guillotine Cross.


Throws a spinning knife at a single target that severely rends it. This skill can only be used if the Spin Count from Rolling Cutter is at least 1, which will wear off upon using this skill. The Spin Count also increases the damage output of this skill.

Level Base Damage (ATK) Range SP Cost
1 480% 9 20
2 560% 10 24
3 640% 11 28
4 720% 12 32
5 800% 13 36
Damage (ATK)% = (Base_Damage × BaseLv ÷ 100) + (AGI × SpinCount)


  • Should this skill miss, the Spin Count will remain.
  • The Spin Count will wear off either after three seconds, moving or using another skill except the Back Slide or Dark Illusion skills.


Enhanced by



  • Meuchler-OS [2] - If upgrade level is +9 or higher, increases damage by 15%.