Cosmic Infinity Quest

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Cosmic Infinity Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 61638.png 1 Book of the Void

61639.png ? Cosmic Powder
61500.png ? Emperium Fragment
710.png ? Illusion Flower
61637.png ? Obsidian Fragment
61513.png 8000 Heroism Badge

Zeny: 61507.png 5 Mithril Coin
Quest Corequisite(s): Awakened Cosmic Infinity Quest
Item(s): 63101.png Cosmic Infinity

The Cosmic Infinity is one out of just a handful of legendary headgears which can be obtained in GatheringRO. Every single legendary headgears offers unique effects, looks or other special features and the Cosmic Infinity is no exception.

Legendary Quests require patience and a lot of effort to be completed.

Headgear Preview

The original Cosmic Infinity has a static visor. However Vulcan the legendary smith can upgrade the headgear to the Awakened Cosmic Infinity which features an animated visor. (Most rare legendary headgear)


Headgear Effects

All Stats +10

Increases movement speed (this effect stacks with other movement speed increasing effects)


Cosmic Infinity features a very unique quest which consists out of several riddles.

Rather than spoiling the fun of solving riddles, we won't feature a full guide anywhere at all. This guide solely exists to help you starting your journey and to know the whereabouts of certain quest parts.

Listen closely to everything any NPC or object~clue has to tell you, as they're going to be a key part solving the riddles. Without them, you won't come far.

Some quest parts may require you to think outside of the box. So lean back, relax, and get your brain chemistry going.

Note: Some quest item requirements will bring you closer to the PvP experience that GatheringRO has to offer.

Mr. Giveaway in the Althea service area will be pleased to help you out with a starter PvP gear set in case you haven't got one just yet.

How to obtain Cosmic Infinity

The quest starts with the Mysterious Person, a person which has been existant since the very beginning of GatheringRO, on the so famous Sign Board in Althea (formerly in Prontera).

Now he's truly featured in the game to help you getting into the darkest secrets of Everade, the founder of Gathering Ragnarok Online.


The image should already handout enough clues to find him on your upcoming journey.

The Secret Lair of Everade's House

The Mysterious creep may have been handing you out some interesting information about Everade's house.

It is a key part of the quest which will get you moving.


I owe you Leora

Deeper into the story, you will come across a name which Everade claims to owe everything.

In case she has not catched your eyes just yet, you may find her near the Battlegrounds service area.


What else?

The rest is up to you to find out!

Start your journey by talking to the Mysterious Person in Althea, get involved into the story and solve the riddles along your way.

Good Luck!