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The economy of Gathering Ragnarok Online (GRO) is a complex entity. Players have multiple ways of looking for and trading for items they desire. The following is a compendium of the various means that can be used to seek out items in the game. Marketplaces outside the game also exist on official websites, fansites, guild websites, etc. The most common trading method in the game by far is to exchange an item or items for Zeny or other items, the currency used in the game.


Main article: Zeny

Zeny is the currency in Gathering Ragnarok Online. When things are denoted in "Z," that usually means Zeny, as in "Selling Item X, 100,000 Z!" GRO introduced a Coin exchange system to give the players the possibility to trade high value items and to store more zeny overall.

Gathering Coins

61505.png Gathering Silver Coin worth 1,000,000 Zeny

61506.png Gathering Platinum Coin worth 10,000,000 Zeny

61507.png Gathering Mithril Coin worth 100,000,000 Zeny

The Coin Exchanger is located in Althea, at the main area in the middle of the town.

Making Zeny

Main article: Making Zeny

As Zeny is the main currency in the game, how rich a player is or how much gear and items they can afford is reliant on how much capital they have in terms of Zeny. Zeny mostly originates from selling items to NPCs, but selling to older players who already have large amounts of Zeny is usually the main method to attain decent wealth. The basics start with selling items to NPCs and Vending. Some items that have a high value can be hunted or obtained through Quests.

A good way to farm zeny for beginners is the Goldring Field (alt_fild03) where you can farm Gold which have a pretty high value when selling to NPCs.


Main article: Vending

Vending gives Merchant and Super Novice-type characters the ability to open shops if the character has equipped a Pushcart. Only items inside the Pushcart Inventory can be sold through Vending, and the maximum price for vended items is 1,000,000,000 Zeny. Merchants and Super Novices with Level 1 Vending can only vend 3 items at once, but increasing this skill's level will increase the maximum amount of concurrently vended items.

Our website features all Ingame Vendors to give you a direct overview of what is being sold right now. The official vending area is located in the Capital City. Use the Guide NPC in the main area if you can't find the right spot. You can also use the command @whosells in the game to easily find for your desired items.

Online Market

The official Market Forums is also a good area for selling items that are beyond the 1,000,000,000 Zeny limit, or for people who cannot vend often.

Buying Store

Main article: Buying Store

A Buying Store (also known as a Purchase Shop) is a player-generated "store" where players can input items they would like to buy, with a specific amount of Zeny willing to be paid. Players must have one of item they are seeking to purchase already in their inventory. Only certain items can be purchased through a Buying Store:

  • Etc. Items
  • Non-Brewed Consumable Items

Buying Stores are created via different means based on what class the player is. Non-Merchant type characters must purchase consumable items while Merchant-types open stores via the skill Open Buying Store much like a normal shop is opened via using the Vending skill.

Global Chat

Most players also take advantage of the ingame channel system which features a dedicated Trade channel for everyone to see. This is the easiest and most direct way to advertise items which can also be directly linked to the chat so players can take a look at it right away.

Chat Rooms

While not a system per-se, players may use chatrooms (alt-c) to advertise the buying/selling of items. The advantages of this are its simplicity and the ability of every class to use it. Deals can be easily completed by the Trade Window instead of a formal shop or auction. The Capital City is a popular place for these chatrooms as it is a frequently accessed central area.