Collecting Ore Fragments

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Collecting Ore Fragments
Base Level: ??
Quest Prerequisite(s): Fistful of Zeny
Base Experience: Min. 25,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: min. 20,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 1 25250.png Rock Ridge Coin

The Cacti of Rock Ridge need your help! Ever since Pink Rose started monopolizing ore production by building a mine, the native Cactus Tribe has had a hard time getting ore for themselves. The Buffalo Bandits squatting in the mine hasn't made matters any easier, either. The Cacti need your help defeating monsters in the Rock Ridge wilds and collecting their ore fragments. Head over to the Rock Ridge desert (rockrdg1) and talk to Crouched Horse rockrdg126490.

Defeat bandits and monsters out in the field to collect Purple Ore Fragments. They automatically appear in your inventory as soon as they are dropped. Collect 10 of them!

Return to Crouched Horse to collect your prize of 1 Rock Ridge Coin. This quest can be repeated once the daily cooldown is complete.

(Note : He'll get all of the fragments in your inventory.)