Clan System

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Clans are special organizations that players in can join.

Join a Clan

To join a clan, go to the building in the northwest corner of [Althea]


  • Talk to one of four NPCs and join the clan.
  • Clans have no guild skills, and no guild leaders.
  • Since they lack the Official Guild Approval, players that are in clans cannot fully participate in any of the War of Emperiums.
  • If you're inactive for 2 weeks straight, you will be automatically kicked from the clan.
  • Maximum capacity for each clan is 500 characters.
Clan Emblem Clan Clan Master Clan Buffs
SwordClan.png Sword Clan RaffamOranpere.gif
Raffam Oranpere
STR + 1
VIT+ 1
Max HP + 30
Max SP + 10
ArchWandClan.png Arch Wand Clan DevonAire.gif
Devon Aire
INT + 1
DEX + 1
Max HP + 30
Max SP + 10
GoldenMaceClan.png Golden Mace Clan BermanAire.gif
Berman Aire
LUK + 1
INT + 1
Max HP + 30
Max SP + 10
CrossbowClan.png Crossbow Clan ShaamRumi.gif
Shaam Rumi
DEX + 1
AGI + 1
Max HP + 30
Max SP + 10

Chatting with your Clan

To talk within your clan, type /cl YOUR MESSAGE HERE, or click the blue dot next to the chat input bar and switch to "Send to Clan" at the bottom of the list.

Clan Window

The default command to open the Clan Window is CTRL + G.

  • The clan window will display how many members are online, but will not show you a member list.