Cast Ninja Spell

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Cast Ninja Spell.png Cast Ninja Spell
Cast Ninja Spell Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 30
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: 1 Second
Cooldown: None
Duration: (6 * Number of Active Charms) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 7 cells
Area of Effect: 5x5
Release Ninja Spell Lv.1, 16th Night Lv.1

Cast Ninja Spell (Alt: Zenkai) is an Expanded 2nd class active skill available as Kagerou and Oboro.Yamikumo


Consume all of your seals to create a 5x5 area on the ground. This will inflict status ailments on targets entering it at a high rate.

  • Fire Spell will cast Burning(same as Dragon Breath/Comet).
  • Ice Spell will cast Freezing(same as Frost Misty) and Frozen.
  • Wind Spell will cast Silence, Sleep, Deep Sleep.
  • Earth Charm will cast Stone Curse and Poison.

Furtherly, standing inside the AoE whilst having a weapon with the same element as the AoE will give an attack bonus.


  • The attack bonus for standing inside the AoE is believed to be +200 Equipment Attack;
  • The duration of the AoE depends on the number of charms. The chance does NOT depend on the amount of charms. The chance of casting a particular ailment is unknown;
  • The AoE attempts to inflict the effect every 1 second;