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The Cash Shop is the gRO version of an Item Mall. To purchase items through the Cash Shop, users must use Cash Shop Points. These items are divided into several categories. Current categories in the Cash Shop include Consumable Items, Headgears, Boxes, Costumes, VIP Items and a variety of cards.

Cash Points

Cash Shop Points (also known as CP) can be purchased directly on the Website. Cash Points can only be obtained by donating to GatheringRO using PayPal. The more you spend to purchase points, the more points will be earned for the money.

Your account will be instantly credited with the Cash Points purchased.


Items available for purchase in the Cash Shop are all listed in order of when they were added. Older items are at the bottom right, while newer items are at the top left. If you need to find out how many unused Cash Points remain, simply click on the Cash Shop button in the interface top right corner and the total will be displayed at the bottom of the Shop Items list window.

align=right A Cash Shop button in the client interface allows direct purchase of Cash Shop items from anywhere in the game. Items that require an NPC to function (upgrades, Gym Pass training, etc.) must be taken to that NPC.


The list of items available in the shop can be found ingame. They're constantly being updated while the HOT section offers time-limited cash shop exclusives!

The VIP section also offers specificly for the cash shop designed unlocks such as

Account Plus - Premium Membership

The Account Plus is a VIP feature which runs on your whole account once activated and can be purchased from the Cash Shop. The Cash Shop offers 3 different versions for either 1, 3 or 6 month Account Plus membership.

It offers several account enhancements such as

  • +3 Character Slots
  • +300 Storage Size
  • 50% Drop Boost
  • 50% Bonus Experience
  • Premium Commands
  • House Renting for free
  • Hypnotizer Services for free
  • Removes Gemstone Skill Requirement