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Cards are items that are compound into equipment to provide benefitial effects to the player. Equipments with slots can be installed with a card. A maximum of 4 slots are available on weapons, and 1 slot for footgears, garments, accessories, armors, shields and headgears.

Acquiring Cards

You can acquire cards in different ways:

  • Most monsters in-game have a 1.00% chance of dropping their own card.
  • Some usable items give cards:

Compounding Cards

By double-clicking the card, you can compound the card into a piece of equipment of your choice. The card does not disappear from your inventory until you install the card in a piece of equipment.

To install, the equipment must have a slot available for a card to go in. Cards only install into their own specific type of equipment category. When double-clicked, you are shown list of equipment you currently have that the card can be put in to. Right click the card to see what effect it gives, and where it can be installed.

To see if your equipment has a slot available for a card, simply mouse over the equipment in question. if it does, it'll appear with suffix [1] to [4]. An example would be "Guard [1]", which means it has 1 slot for inserting a card. Some equipment can have slots added to them via Socket Enchant.

Many weapons (mainly weapons that can also be bought from NPC shops) have multiple variants with different numbers of slots. For example, "Blade [3]" is store-bought, and "Blade [4]" is dropped by monsters. If a piece of equipment is destroyed because you failed when you tried to upgrade it, the equipment and all of the installed cards will be destroyed. If a piece of equipment is damaged in battle, it will not harm the cards.


Certain bonuses are granted when using various combinations of cards at the same time. Most cards in sets are inserted on different pieces of equipment.

Removing Cards

The Wise Old Woman NPC offers her ancient magic technique to savely remove cards from your equipment. Although the process can fail, the card and equipment will not be damaged during the process.

She's located in the Capital City Smithery. (althea_in,125,17)

For each item she's working with she asks for a flat fee of:

You also need to pay an additional fee per card which consists of