Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Level: 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 11515.png 1 Coconut
Base Experience: 135,000
Quest Reward(s): Access to Brasilis Dungeon
  1. Go to Fruit Gardener brasilis221128 and buy a Coconut.
    • Note: You may want to buy more than one, as getting past step 5 is completely random.
  2. Go to the middle part of Brasilis and talk to the group of kids brasilis181250.
    • Ask about the gossip, they will tell you about a ghost in the museum bathroom.
    • Talk until one of them gives you a set of spells.
  3. Proceed to Museum brasilis148160. Inside, walk straight ahead until you see Curator bra_in019181.
    • He forbids you to enter to the bathroom.
    • Talk to him and give him the coconut; he will let you in.
  4. Inside the bathroom, you have to examine 5 items. Door > toilet > faucet > carpet > mirror.
    • Examine door:
      • Type in Mother the door won't open!
      • Turn the key 7 times.
    • Examine toilet:
      • Use the toilet.
      • Type in Mother the water is flooding!
      • Flush the toilet, 3 times.
    • Examine faucet:
      • Examine it.
      • Type in Mother the drought has started!
      • Turn on the water (second option), 1 time.
    • Examine carpet:
      • Examine it.
      • Type in Mother where are my friends?
      • Shake the carpet, 7 times.
    • Examine mirror:
      • Examine it.
      • Type in Where are you mom?
  5. A Ghost will appear. Take off the bandage from her eyes.
    • Note: A dice roll will start over your head and the ghost's head.
    • If your number is lower, the ghost will take half of your HP/SP and send you back outside the bathroom.
    • The numbers are chosen completely by random, so redo steps 3-4 until you win the random dice roll.
  6. You find yourself transported to a sewer pipe. Walk ahead until you see the Open Manhole.
    • Click the Open Manhole and the Ghost will reappear and tell you her story. Receive 135,000 Base EXP.
  7. Click the Open Manhole again and you will enter the Brasilis Dungeon.
  8. You can now freely enter the Brasilis Dungeon through the toilet in the museum bathroom.