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Bomb.png Bomb
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5, fixed
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: 0.5 second
Duration: 35 + (Skill Level × 5) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 9 cells
Area of Effect: 3x3
Property: Fire
Catalyst: 1 Bottle Grenade
(Alchemist) Prepare Potion Lv. 4

Bomb (Alt: Demonstration) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Alchemist and Biochemist.


Throws a bottle of flammable liquid at a targeted location that will inflict Fire property hybrid damage every half a second to all enemies within its area of effect. It has a chance of breaking enemies' equipped weapon. Each cast consumes a Bottle Grenade.

Level Damage (ATK + MATK) Chance of Break Duration
1 120% 1% 40s
2 140% 2% 45s
3 160% 3% 50s
4 180% 4% 55s
5 200% 5% 60s


  • This skill cannot be used:
    • Neither next to each other nor on top of another.
    • Directly next to an enemy or the user.
  • The damage is increased via ATK cards, and status cards have no effect.
  • Defense values are not applied to this skill in the same way as they are applied to other skills. It appears that Hard Defense is subtracted off the final damage value instead of reducing damage by a percent, basically treating it as Soft Defense.


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