Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest

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Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 5171.png 1 Valkyrie Helm

7757.png 10 Mithril
7510.png 70 Valhalla's Flower
6087.png 70 Spiritual Crystal
6088.png 70 Spiritual Crystal

Item(s) (Not Consumed): 2644.png 1 The Sign
Quest Prerequisite(s): Valkyrie Helm Quest

Sign Quest

Quest Corequisite(s): Hardened Valkyrie Helm Quest
Item(s): 63012.png Blessed Valkyire Helm

The Blessed Valkyrie Helm is one out of just a handful of legendary headgears which can be obtained in GatheringRO. Every single legendary headgears offers unique effects, looks or other special features and the Blessed Valkyrie Helm is no exception.

Legendary Quests require patience and a lot of effort to be completed.

Headgear Preview

For this legendary headgear are six different colors available.


Headgear Effects

All Stats +15


As the quest requires you to fight with a strong boss monster, it is strongly recommend to start the quest using your thoughest character available.

And be sure to bring a lot of Yggdrasil Berries or similiar healing items with you.

You'll be needing them.

Item Requirements

1 5171.png Valkyrie Helm

Questable by completing This Quest

70 6087.png Spiritual Crystal

70 6088.png Spiritual Crystal

Dropped by Rhyncho and Phylla.

70 7510.png Valhalla Flower

Dropped by Valkyrie Randgris (100%) and Valkyrie(50%).

10 7757.png Mithril

Obtained via Mining.

1 2644.png The Sign

Obtained via [Sign Quest].

The Quest

Fall asleep

It's said that worthy warriors are often visited in their dreams, by the valkyries.

Would you like to know, if you're worthy enough? You'll need to take a nap, first.


To do so, let's go to the Inn, shall we? ( @warp althea 203 120 )

Speak to the Inn Keeper, and select the option to Take a Rest.

If there is no one in the map currently, then you have a small chance to enter your dream.

If another players is currently dreaming, then you must wait for them to wake up.

Only one person is allowed on the map, at a time.

The Maze


In your dream, you'll find yourself in a Maze. It's not a difficult maze, so don't worry.

Simply follow the path you see in the image, and you will find yourself on a path. Follow it.

There are no wrong turns, it's just a straight path until you find a portal.

Enter this portal, and find the small girl near the center, by a chair.



Unless you're interested in the story, then you can simply enter spam through the girl's first dialog,

but why shouldn't you get into it? Be ready, though. She transforms into Herja, a violent Valkyrie that you must defeat.


Defeat Herja, but be careful. Don't waste all of your Yggdrasil Berries.

You'll still need them later on.

Once Herja is defeated, speak to the girl once more.

Pay attention to what she says! She will tell you that you may end up trapped inside your own dream.

Select the option, I don't care!
Herja will then open the next portal, for you. Walk south of her to find the portal, and enter it.


Follow the path once more. Again, there are no wrong turns.

You will come to a staircase. Follow these stairs, all the way up to the red staircase.

Continue going, until you find a Valkyrie NPC.


Speak to her to continue your journey.

Be ready, though. She's going to warp you back down to the bottom of the red staircase that you came up.

One either side of you, outside of your range of view, there will be a Valkyrie awaiting your arrival.


Move to your left, and defeat the first one. There are no slaves, so

these are easier to defeat, than Herja. But you still must be careful!

Once that one is defeated, move to your right, and defeat the next one.

When both valkyries are dead, you may walk back up the staircase to the

Valkyrie NPC, and speak to her again.


She will tell you that this will not be easy to complete, and will ask if you have a problem with that.

Select the option, "No Problem".

Sigrdrifa will then warp you to her chambers.

The Chamber

Sigrdrifa will now list the items you need.

Collect these items, which are listed at the beginning of this guide, and bring them to her, if you do not have them already.

Do not worry though. You do not need to defeat the valkyries again. You will be warped directly to Sigrdrifa, instead.

Once you give her the items, you will receive your new Legendary Blessed Valkyrie Helm.


Recieving a legendary Headgear will always be globally announced, so everyone know what you've just achieved!

Recoloring your Helmet

You may recolor your Blessed Valkyrie Helm any time you want, using the NPC located at ( @warp althea 175 241 ).