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The Enchantment NPC for selected High Level Weapons is located near the sewer entrance to Bio Lab 2nd floor. The enchantment is given randomly. Possible enchantments are the 6 basics stats (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK), and advance enchantments like Sharp, Fighting Spirit, Expert Archer, Spell, and ASPD. When enchanting a piece of equipment, all previous enchantments, upgrades, and cards are lost. Depending on the item, you may be able to enchant the item two, or even three times (with increasing risks of failure), and in all cases, there is a way to remove or replace the current enchantments. The details are described in the sections below. You can reset the enchantment of your gear using an item called Ghost Chill. You can also enchant the 3rd slot of your gear using Blood Thirst and 4th slot using the Will of Warrior. Bear in mind that the success rate in enchanting the 3rd and 4th slots are lower compared to the 2nd slot. There is a chance of failure, in which case the item is destroyed.

All of the gears are obtainable through Biolab Gear Exchange, but most of the time it is more worth it to buy the gear directly.

Items for Enchantment

Item Name Description
6471.png Ghost Chill
Reset the enchantment on weapon and armor.
6470.png Blood Thirst
Enchant the hidden third slot on weapon or armor.
6469.png Will of Warrior
Enchant the hidden fourth slot on weapon or armor.

Eligible Weapons

Item Name Slot Max Enchants Description
1290.png Agent Katar
1 2 A favorite of assassins who can't let their victim's get away. It makes it easy to concentrate on your target.
1291.png Guillotine Katar
1 2 In the past, this katar was crafted to take out a traitor to the Guillotine Cross guild.
1392.png Ignus Stale
1 2 A giant two handed axe crafted in volcanic heat. It's difficult to grip due to its burning heat.
1393.png End Sectora
1 2 A giant axe crafted with an ore taken from the ends of the earth itself. Just looking at it chills you to the bone.
1435.png Cannon Spear
1 2 A slender pointed spear crafted with Carnium.
1490.png Gigantic Lance
0 2 A replica spear of one held by the giant guardians at an ancient temple. Very few are able to use it's true power.
1584.png Chilly Spell Book
2 2 The research of a great Sorcerer is detailed in this book. One of the 4 great elemental books (Cold Volume).
1659.png Recovery Light
1 2 A staff constructed solely for recovery ability. It maximizes the healing recovery at a high cost to the user.
13069.png Az-toenail
0 2 A dagger that shines blue and enchanted with binding magic.
13070.png Scarlet-toenail
0 2 A dagger that shines red and enchanted with binding magic.
16017.png Bloody Cross
0 2 A mace in the shape of a blood red cross infused with dark power. It's blood red color makes you feel uneasy.
18109.png Catapult
2 2 A thief guild developed bow that can fire multiple arrows at a time.
18110.png Big Crossbow
2 2 A difficult to wield bow that is designed for consecutive firing.
18111.png Creeper Bow
2 2 A bow crafted out of strange magic vines, which when fired launches arrows covered in a spider web.

Eligible Armors

Item Name Slot Max Enchants Description
2160.png Giant Shield
1 2 A replica shield of one used by the giant stone guardians of an ancient temple. It's said to be crafted by a legendary blacksmith.
2161.png Geffenia Report (Water)
1 2 A book from the lost land of Geffenia that's said to contain powerful magic
2162.png Bible of Promise Vol.2
1 2 A book of hymns used at church proceedings. It's said to have been very popular when it was first printed.
2582.png Salvage Cape
0 2 A cape intended to provide quick escape said to be a collaboration by an eastern magician and a western tailor.
2892.png Assassin Handcuffs
1 2 A cleverly designed glove with metal claws that can be used both defensively and offensively.
15044.png Green Operation Coat
1 2 A gown once used by a scholar who studied homunculus.
18570.png Ancient Golden Ornament
1 2 A flashy gold ornament crafted with ancient magic. It's power varies based on it's users class.

List of possible weapon enchantments

Enchant Type Enchant Level
AGI 1~3
STR 1~3
VIT 1~3
INT 1~3
DEX 1~3
LUK 1~3
Fighting Spirit 1~3
Sharp 1~3
Expert Archer 1~3
Spell 1~3
ASPD + 1

List of possible armor enchantments

Enchant Type Enchant Level
AGI 1~3
STR 1~3
VIT 1~3
INT 1~3
DEX 1~3
LUK 1~3
DEF 3, 6, 9, 12
MDEF 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
HP 100, 200, 300
SP 50
Flee 1, 3, 6

Enchantment Rate

Enchantment has chance of failing. If enchantment fails it will destroy the armor/weapon.

Slot Required Item Fail Rate
4th Slot 6469.png 10 Will of Warrior 25-30%
3rd Slot 6470.png 10 Blood Thirst 15-20%
Reset 6471.png 10 Ghost Chill -