Battle Chant

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Battle Chant.png Battle Chant
Battle Chant Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 80/100
Duration: 60 seconds;
Until recast
Target: Self
Area of Effect: Cross-shaped
Status: Random
(Crusader) Faith Lv.8, Demon Bane Lv. 5

Battle Chant (Alt: Gospel) is a Transcendent 2nd class offensive skill available as Paladin.


Performs a hymn that will cause one of many different negative effects on enemies and will cause one of many different possitive effects on party members by a regularly recurring chance within the area of effect. Maintaining this skill active will drain HP and SP.

Level Chance of Effect HP Drain SP Drain SP Cost
1 55% 30 / 10s 20 / 10s 80
2 60%
3 65%
4 70%
5 75%
6 80% 45 / 10s 35 / 10s 100
7 85%
8 90%
9 95%
10 100%

List of positive effects

Positive effects apply only to party members, even during the War of Emperium:

List of negative effects

Negative effects apply to monsters, and opposing players in PvP enviroment. It does not effect players outside of the user's party in PvM enviroment:

  • Inflicts between 1 and 9,999 of Neutral property fixed damage, which ignores the accuracy check and bypasses Kyrie Eleison.
  • Causes the Curse status for an unusually lengthy period of time.
  • Causes the Blind status for an unusually lengthy period of time.
  • Causes the Poison status for an unusually lengthy period of time.
  • Applies Level 10 Provoke.
  • Drops all defense to 0.
  • Drops attack to 0.
  • Drops flee rate to 0.
  • Reduces attack speed and movement speed by 75%.


  • When a Paladin uses this skill, all stat changes, benefits and status effects are removed from them.
  • Critical Wounds and Slow Cast are unaffected by this skill.
  • This skill and Magnetic Earth do not stack like a Bard & Dancer's performance, and will cancel the tiles with the effect of this skill. However, the user will still be immobile until this skill expires or is manually cancelled.