Baseball Cap Quest

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NPC Involved Items Required
Cosplay Brothers
geffen 98 69

  1. To begin, warp to the Cosplay brothers, found at geffen 98 69. Speak to them, and they'll tell you that they wish to cosplay as soccer players, but they need a costume. Select "Sure" when they ask if you'll help them. They need two Soccer Shoes and 1 Soccer ball.
  2. Warp to lhz_in02 243 150 and speak to the soccer player. He offers to give you his shoes, if you can bring him blue cards that spell the word "SHOE" so he can get a new pair.
  3. Find the Teacher at yuno_in03 180 56. You will need 2 each of the cards "S", "H", "O", and "E". Collect the items and return to the Teacher. Type carefully, and be sure you get the right cards.
  4. Return to the soccer player at lhz_in02 243 150, and receive your shoes.
  5. Warp to the next soccer player, at lhz_in02 217 284. She offers to give you her autograph, but says she's hungry right now. In return for getting her food, she'll give you her autograph, and a soccer ball.
  6. Collect the Heavenly Fruit Juice and Special toast, and return to her, to get the soccer ball.
  7. Now that you have your soccer shoes, and soccer ball, return to the Cosplay Brothers, and they will reward you with your very own Baseball Cap.