The Royal Banquet

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The Royal Banquet

Another name for the Episode 16.1 updates. This focuses on who will be crowned the new king among the 7 royal families. Three new instances (two of which are repeatable), and two new dungeons were added as part of this update. The city of Prontera, and the castle also got a huge graphical overhaul.

For those working on the daily quests, there's a dedicated page for that here.

Main Quest

Learning About the Families

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Quest Prerequisite(s): New World Access Quest
Base Experience: 1,000,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 1,000,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Terra Gloria
  1. Talk to the Royal Errand Boy that can be found in Prontera, Juno, and (more?).
    • Help him, and he will invite you to the Royal Banquet in Prontera Castle.
    • He will give you a Banquet Invitation.
  2. Talk with Chamberlain Bell prt_cas217150 at the entrance of Prontera Castle.
  3. Walk to the west wing and into your private room prt_cas_q2630. Talk to Belle and find out that a ritual needs to take place to replace the sudden death of the previous king.
    The following can be done in any order, but is easiest if you do it in the order of this guide (saves on walking) Also note that /navi doesn't work right now:
    1. Heines Family: Walk to the room just north of your private room prt_cas_q2478.
      • Talk to Peter and find out he will be the Heine candidate which makes Nyhill jealous.
      • Leave the room and walk a bit north. Nyhill and Skia will start a conversation about being the shadow of Peter and the Heine family.
    2. Nerius Family: Travel north to the next room in the west corridor and find Spica Nerius prt_cas_q19134.
      • Led by women, the Nerius family is not interested in the throne. Erich is the candidate and is hanging out in the banquet hall.
    3. Walther Family: Walk to the furthest room in the west corridor and talk to Ian Walther prt_cas_q20184.
      1. Walk around until you trigger "Mysterious Person" from the Richards appears and starts a dialog box. He's nervous that someone will find out they're going to kill Ernst, Geoborg candidate.
      2. Talk to Isenhonor Walther and he'll tell you about the Guardian Knights. He'll tell you his manor is in Alberta.
      • Walther Sidequest is available now.
      • They don't participate in the Royal Assembly because of "unfortunate incident" that Isenarm was killed by the Geoborg (GMs check spelling?) heir.
    4. Wigner Family: Walk back to the red carpet at the entrance and go east instead this time.
      1. Go past the hoard of NPCs outside the room and talk to Levuiere Wigner prt_cas_q19134
      2. Talk to Jurgen Wigner in the back of the room and he'll introduce you to his siblings.
      3. The kids then tell you to have tea with Levuiere Wigner and learn about their relationship with their children.
      • Wigner Sidequest is available now.
      • The Wigner family apparently founded the kingdom of Rune Midgard, and Jurgen is very fashion-conscious. The parents prefer Katrin if she wasn't a girl, and Isaac is the most "Wigner-like."
    5. Richard Family: Travel to the second room and speak with Butler for the Richards prt_cas_q8080.
      1. Talk with Po Richard, and you can choose whether or not you've heard of the Richard warrior.
      2. Talk to Po Richard again and choose [I'll Try] if you want to do [some monster-hunting sidequest].
      3. Then talk to the Butler for the Richards and select a race of monsters to hunt. Kill 50 monsters of that race that are level 140 or higher.
      • As the military leaders, the Richards have been training to take down Satan Morocc.
    6. Geoborg Family: Walk north to the middle room in the east corridor and you'll be stopped by the two bodyguards and the Queen will let you pass.
      1. Talk to Queen Catherine D. Geoborg prt_cas_q91129.
      • Geeoborg Sidequest is available now.
      • Descendants of Tristan I, Ernst now is the candidate for the ritual.
    7. Roegenburg Family: Travel to the last room in the east corridor and talk to Maximilian Roegenburg prt_cas_q90186.
      1. Speak to Wolf Roegenburg prt_cas_q96186 and you will be introduced to Agnes and Myer. Myer and Wolf argue.
      2. After Myer left, Wolf would ask the adventurer a favor.
      3. He asked if you could collect an item from Isaac Wigner prt_cas947 on his behalf, as you are the only reliable person around
      • Roegenburg Sidequest is available now.
      • Helmut is the candidate. There was blue text in the Myer/Wolf argument that may be important.
  4. Return to your private room and speak with Chamberlain Bell to receive 10 Honor Token.
  5. Proceed to the Banquet Hall at the end of the red carpet. You'll overhear a conversation with two NPCs that pop up outside Nyhill's room.
  6. Once in the Banquet Hall, walk to the foot of the stairs on the right and speak with Skia Nerius or Spica Nerius prt_cas104240. Complicated royal things are discussed as Violeta appears.
  7. Nyhill becomes mysteriously drunk off of very light champagne and returns to his room. Follow him
  8. Return to just outside Nyhill's room prt_cas182161 until the previous NPCs pop up and start a dialog. You hear that they drugged Nyhill, and then Skia Nerius appears and the two disappear.
  9. Go inside Nyhill's room and walk around the entrance until Skia and Nyhill appear. Listen to their conversation.
  10. Return to your private room and talk with Belle. The Court Mage Nillem will appear and then transport you to the Room of Consciousness.

Ritual of Blessing Instance

  1. Talk with the two NPCs at the spawn point and they tell you to sit next to Po Richard and behind Ernst Geoborg. Walk at (106/77) to initiate the ceremony.
  2. An intruder comes in, attacks Peter, and demands the Ymir's Heart. Then spawns 3 (verify) very weak monsters (any class can kill by melee). Nyhill will heal you for 9999 and give you Kyrie Eleison if you [walk near him] (verify?)
  3. Once all are defeated, talk to Kronecker Heine at the altar. He'll send all the families away (if you hadn't already talked to them)

RitualBlessingInstance monster.png

After the Ritual

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Base Experience: 400,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 400,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 20 Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Ritual room repeatable quest(Room of Consciousness), Access to Destroyed prontera repeatable quest
  1. Once outside the instance, talk to Ian Walther. They suspect that you are involved. Tera Gloria and the Star of Blessing was stolen.
    • Nyhill eventually confesses to telling someone about the ritual while he was drunk earlier.
  2. Talk to Mage Nillem
  3. Talk to Lindt the Librarian and see that there are magical blank pages in the book.
  4. Talk to Mage Nillem again as he discovers some magic like the Dimensional Crack.
  5. You're told to talk to Guardian Knight to leave by Nillem.
  6. After being transported to the prison, talk with Overwatcher Terketh to be let out.
  7. Return to your private room and talk to Chamberlain Bell to find a message for you. As well (?) as the Nerius family wanting you to visit.
  8. Go north to the third room in the west corridor and talk to Spica Nerius (who is actually Skia in disguise).
    • You can only talk to her when she is the only NPC in the room.
    • If the other two are in there, you'll have to wait/make them disappear.
  9. Enter the room immediately south (the Heine's) and talk to Kronecker G. Heine.

Room of Consciousness Instance

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Base Experience: 800,000 Base EXP (first-time)
400,000 Base EXP (daily)
Job Experience: 800,000 Job EXP (first-time)
400,000 Job EXP (daily)
Item(s): 30 Honor Token (first-time)
10 Honor Token (daily)


The Room of Consciousness is part of the Episode 16.1, check out the Banquet for Heroes for more information.

Daily quest

  1. If it's your first time doing the instance, you can skip to the Walkthrough directly.
  2. After the cooldown has elapsed, go in the Prontera Castle and talk to Friedrich S. Heine in the Hein room. Select Yes.


  1. Go to Royal Memory, by either:
    • Talk to Chamberlain Bell prt_cas_q2630 and choose Call Nillem. Talk to Court Mage Nillem prt_cas_q2828 and choose Move to the Past Memories of the Royal Family, or
    • Talk to Overwatcher Terketh prt_pri0055128 and choose To the Past Memories of the Royal Family.
  2. Once inside the Royal Memory, talk to Mage Nillem prt_lib9185 again and a Dimensional Warper appears.
  3. Use the Dimension Warper to be taken back to the Old Memoir of Royal Family.
  4. Talk to Nillem prt_lib_q9185 to reserve the instance, then the Swaying Space to start the instance.
  5. Talk to Fenrir [email protected]10340 at the entrance.
  6. Walk up to the altar and talk to Iris [email protected]10094. They find a Ymir Heart piece, as a small number of mildly weak skeletons appear (12k HP or so).
    There are two waves of Enhanced Skeletons.
  7. Once the waves of monsters are done, speak with Iris [email protected]10385.
  8. It will spawn a Renovated Amdarais. It isn't too hard to defeat.
  9. Talk to Iris [email protected]10094 once it's defeated, and then Bijou will attack you herself. She'll attack you with a very weak version of herself. Then she will attack again with her normal boss self.
    Note: You can lure the monsters to Iris and Fenrir, and they will do a small portion of damage to the bosses.
  10. After defeating Bijou, talk to Iris [email protected]10095 to exit the instance.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3445.png Enchanted Archer Skeleton 114 210,000 Medium / Undead / Undead 3
3446.png Soldier Skeleton 114 210,000 Medium / Undead / Undead 3
3447.png Soldier Skeleton 115 200,000 Medium / Undead / Undead 3
3448.png Renovated Amdarais 139 10,000,000 Large / Undead / Undead 1
3450.png Bijou
145 30,000,000 Large / Undead / Undead 4


Card Type Description
Card Enchanted Archer Skeleton Card Weapon Card Long ranged physical damage +10%.

If the user's Base Lv is 100 or higher, additional long ranged physical damage +2%.

Card Enchanted Soldier Skeleton Card Weapon Card CRIT +9.

If the user's Base Lv is 100 or higher, additional CRIT +1, critical damage +5%.

Card Renovated Amdarais Card Armor Card DEF +10 every refine level. Flee -2 every refine level.

If the user's Base Lv is 100 or higher, MaxHP +500.

If equipped with Bijou Card, reduces damage received from Shadow and Ghost property attack by 100%.

Card Bijou Card Shield Card ATK +10%, MATK +10%. Immune to Frozen.

If equipped with Renovated Amdarais Card, reduces damage received from Shadow and Ghost property attack by 100%.

  1. Leave the Old Memoir of Royal Family room by exiting down the hall to the west.
    • You will be warped to Destroyed Prontera.
  2. Talk to Nilem prt_q157334 and eventually choose Let's get out of here!.
  3. Talk to the librarian and then Kronecker appears. Talk to him and collect 30 Honor Token.

The Truth

  1. After you exit the instance, talk to Mage Nillem and after a conversation, he will transport you to Destroyed Prontera. You can also walk to the portal down the hall to the left.
  2. Talk to the [people] and discover the missing pages now that you've been to the past.
  3. Go to Nerius's room and talk to Spica Nerius to find out that Skia went to visit Nyhill in his room during his probation. (Not sure if important dialog yet)
  4. Continued in next episode (Terra Gloria)


Geoborg Sidequest

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Base Experience: 700,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 700,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
  1. Talk to the blonde Bodyguard Jared prt_cas_q85127 at the Geoborg residence.
  2. Speak to Scarlet Jaha prt_cas73244 near a flower setting at the left side of the banquet hall, at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Then talk to Lidion Geoborg prt_cas82240 at the foot of the stairs to find out how little he actually knows about the family and Prince Ernst stepping down.
  4. Speak to Scarlet Jaha again and she wants you to find Prince Ernst.
  5. Walk on the following spots (must be in order):
    1. One cell north of Vicente prt_cas77258. Rumor is they found Tristan III's bones.
    2. Between Lin and Ekinasia and tea-drinking Banquet Hall Guest prt_cas87235. They whisper about the prince being poisoned
    3. One cell south and between Spica Nerius and Crux Findel prt_cas109240
    4. One cell south, then east of Sophia at the Isaac Wigner huddle prt_cas108221. They say he's been hanging out with a punk for too long.
    5. Near Catherine Wigner on the red carpet prt_cas90221 Talk of the Queen running the show, but being a no-show.
    6. Close to the Amatsu guests in the south-west corner of the hall prt_cas78220
    7. Three cells east, and two south of the tea-drinking, green jacket Banquet Hall Guest at the edge of the carpet prt_cas90229 The Geoborg family being cursed is gossiped about.
  6. Return to Scarlet Jaha again and she's not surprised Ernst went into hiding from the whispers. She rewards you with 10 Honor Token 700,000 Base EXP & 700,000 Job EXP.

Walther Sidequest

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 12065.png 1 Green Salad
12055.png 3 Spicy Fried Bao
Base Experience: 1,000,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 500,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
  1. Talk to Isenhonor, he asks you to visit his manor in Alberta to find his Guardian Knight
  2. Go to southwest Alberta, next to the Merchant Guild. Speak to Butler for the Walthers alberta4830 and tells you the knight is near the docks.
  3. Visit the ship (that takes you to Izlude, Sunken Ship, or Byalan Island) and talk to Guardian Knight alberta187147 there. he asks you to visit bigfoot on prison.
  4. Visit the Royal Prontera Prison via the Banquet Hall room. Bigfoot prt_pri0055119 is in the second jail cell.
  5. Return to Bigfoot with the food, and he will tell you about a Walther family member he spotted in Veins as well as his skills he's developed from pickpocketing.
  6. Find K who is Kain Walther Walker veins156160. He will explain about the death of Isenarm by Isenhonor and his connection. He will give you 6929.png Seal Stamped Letter.
  7. Deliver the letter to Isenhonor Walther in the Walther's room. Receive 10 Honor Token, 1,000,000 Base EXP & 500,000 Job EXP.

Rougenbourg Sidequest: Wolf and Isaac's Dealings

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 7166.png 12 Soft Silk
Hunting: 33 Majoruros
Base Experience: 1,000,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 500,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Side Quest: Jewel and Cloth
  1. During the conversation with Wolf Roegenburg, he asked the adventurer for a favor to collect an item from Isaac Wigner on his behalf.
  2. Isaac Wigner tells you that Wolf must really trust you and gives you Sample of New Business Item to give to Wolf. Then Isaac mentions a rumor around Prontera about ____.
  3. Give Wolf Roegenburg prt_cas_q96186 the business item, and he tells you that the box is password protected. The password is 1618
  4. Once you unlock the box, you pass along the message about the rumors going around Prontera. You're asked to investigate more by asking young children in Prontera.
  5. Talk to the 3 Kiddos prontera26769 in South-East of Prontera.
  6. They want compensation for telling you the story:
  7. Travel to the library by walking through the portal in the southeast corner of the Banquet Hall and speak with Uptight Librarian by the stairs.
  8. She asks for your library card, but since you are the Adventurer, she will give you the book. She asks questions about the banquet:
    • What kind of banquet? - In memory of defeating Morocc
    • How many Royal Families attended? - 7 Royal Families
    • Who did not attend the Royal Assembly? - Geoborg and Walther
    • Which family is cursed? - Geoborg
  9. She will give you Rune-Midgartz History Book. (Cmon WarpPortal, can we keep our spelling consistent?)
  10. Return to the Kiddos in southeast Prontera. The rumor is below. The Roegenburg family had a mysterious death/murdering of four children.
    If Helmut Roegenburg becomes a king, a war will break out.
    Helmut will invade the country where his parents were killed and try to unify the continent.
    The second son is doing business to fund the war.
  11. Returning to Wolf Roegenburg prt_cas_q96186 in the Castle, you tell the family a softer version of the story.
    • Myer Roegenburg admits to having spread the rumor himself, due to everyone having different agendas and viewpoints.
    • It seems the rumor is mostly true.
    • The family argues amongst themselves, and Wolf Roegenburg then gives you Top Secret Document to give to Isaac Wigner.
  12. Isaac Wigner prt_cas_q947 reads the document aloud; Wolf is going to shift his business away from war. Isaac respects his decision.
  13. Return to Wolf Roegenburg and he decides to pursue his business. Maximilian will then tell you the true story
    The parents of the four children gave birth to Agnes and went to a neighboring country.
    Monsters attacked them, and they were blocked from bringing soldiers across country lines.
  14. At the end of the story, Maximilian Roegenburg prt_cas_q90187 wants you to bring back Helmut who is near the border with Schwaltzvalt.
  15. Find Helmut Roegenburg yuno_fild01242175 and his soldiers one map north of Al De Baran by the water.
    • He has given up the unification war and instead of working on defending the people.
    • Helmut asks you to tell Wolf Roegenburg that he will transfer his heirship to him.
  16. Return to Maximilian Roegenburg and relay Helmut's message. Wolf then wants you to deliver a message to Myer.
  17. Ask the Kiddos in Prontera where you can find Myer. He appears and you tell him the message.
  18. Tell Maximilian Roegenburg that Myer will visit after the banquet. Wolf will reward you with 10 Honor Token

Jewel and Cloth

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 722.png 3 Pearl
949.png 50 Feather
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 200,000
Item(s): Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Daily Quest: The Dress
  1. Speak to Agnes inside the Rougenbourg residence.
  2. She asks you to get her some jewels and feathers.
    • 3 Pearl, 50 Feather - Comodo field, Byalan dungeon - Medusa, Strouf, etc
  3. Return to Agnes with requested item to get 4 Honor Token, 200,000 Base EXP & 200,000 Job EXP and access to the The Dress daily quest.

Wigner Sidequest: The Maid and the Jewelry Box

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): 523.png 1 Holy Water
7001.png 1 Mould Powder

582.png 1 Orange
970.png 1 Alcohol
568.png 1 Lemon
7043.png 1 Fine Sand
6254.png 3 Beef Head
748.png 1 Witherless Rose
6927.png 10 Sea Stone

Hunting: Medusa (for Sea Stone)
Base Experience: 1,000,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 500,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Daily Quest: Today I Feel
  1. Talk to Katrin Wigner and she says she lost something like a jewelery box. They believe it might have been taken by the maid. This is the same step as 4.3 above.
  2. Travel to the north and then west of the banquet hall to reach the kitchen.
  3. Talk to Maid prt_cas322216 is in the back of the room.
    • She starts to become very defensive.
    • If you help her clean the kitchen, she may remember if someone else was in the room.
    • She gives you 3 Poring Loofah.
    • Clean the mold on walls, then the grease, and finally the floor.
  4. Walk up to the corner of the room and the sponge will come alive! Or click the Dark and Damp Wall which is right on the basket of bread on the right.
  5. After cleaning the mold, walk down to the cooking pots and the second sponge will come alive.
    • Bring 1 Orange and 1 Alcohol to the Sticky Wall on the top cooking pot.
    • It may take a few times to scrub it off, but it won't require additional ingredients.
  6. Walk in front of the big fireplace to the left of the Maid.
    • The last sponge requires 1 Lemon and 1 Fine Sand.
    • Click on Pitch-black Floor on the left corner of the fireplace, underneath the barrel.
    • You will likely offend the sponge in your cleaning technique, but keep trying until it's clean.
  7. Talk to the Maid and she'll alludes to the furniture delivery person being the one who took the jewelry box.
  8. Find Furniture Deliveryman prontera6868 in the southwest corner of Prontera.
    • He becomes worried then defensive that you're suspecting him.
    • After a long hard day moving furniture, he's become hungry and wants 3 Beef Head.
    • After you bring him the items, he will mention that the Guard Gate checked him when he left the castle.
  9. Return to Jurgen Wigner in the castle and tell him the way people have perceived Katrin.
    • She flips out at Jurgen for, essentially, his looks.
    • We find out Isaac actually took the box.
    • Katrin storms off and Isaac and Jurgen decide that she would like 1 Witherless Rose and 10 Sea Stone.
    • Sea Stones from Medusa will automatically appear in your inventory by chance when you defeat one.
  10. After collecting the items bringing them to Jurgand Wigner Isaac Wigner, they give it to their sister.
    • You'll be rewarded with 10 Honor Token and knowing you brought three siblings closer together.
    • Access to Today I feel repeatable quest

Kitchen: Mistaken Chef

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 100
Base Experience: 700,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 700,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 10 Honor Token
Quest Reward(s): Daily Quests:
Banquet: Griffin Barbeque
Banquet: Unexpected Sauce
Banquet: Washing 15 Dishes
  1. Talk to Royal Chef prt_cas213176 at the entrance of main banquet hall. He mistakes you for a helper and asks you to go to the kitchen.
  2. Speak with the Royal Head Chef prt_cas308200 back in the kitchen. She will ask to get sauce from Royal Sauce Master prt_cas318211 in the same room.
  3. Royal Sauce Master ask that you help him make the sauce with 4 ingredients.
    • You must speak with him after grabbing each ingredient to get the next one:
    • Soft Taste - Giantaurus Butter (northeast table)
    • Chewy Texture - Poring Jelly (near the Royal Head Chef)
    • Shines Brightly - Shining Plant (along east wall)
    • Refreshing Flavor - Muka Juice (north-west corner)
  4. Once complete, take the sauce to Royal Head Chef and prepare the Griffon Barbecue.
  5. To prepare the Griffon Barbecue walk to the empty spot prt_cas314199 between the Chefs
    • After finishing the Griffon Barbecue, you are to serve it in the dining room.
  6. Head to dining room and look for a Grilled Griffon prt_cas361124 on the bottom-left corner table.
  7. After putting the dish down, speak with Tamarin prt_cas361142 two tables above.
    • He asks for you to look for his friend Dyu.
  8. Speak to Dyu Rianne prt_cas110235 at the right side of the banquet hall.
  9. Then speak with Magi Steen beside him.
  10. You're told to talk to Mark Ishar prt_cas82267 upstairs in the hall on the left side.
  11. Talk to Alice Ishar next to him.
  12. Return to Tamarin ask you to help gather 15 High-Class Dishes.
    • To get them kill those Plate. The will be added to your inventory automatically on chance.
  13. After giving the dishes to the Dishwasher prt_cas302204, he is grateful to you and tell you should speak with the Royal Head Chef.
  14. Royal Head Chef will apologize for mistaken you for someone else and gives you 10 Honor Tokens.

Underground Prison

The Royal Banquet
Base Level: 140
Base Experience: 2,100,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: 5,500,000 Job EXP
Item(s): 2 Honor Token
  1. Talk to Ellond on prison prt_pri0051117. Give him his autograph.
  2. Talk to him until you can access prontera prison.
  3. Talk with all 7 MVP prisoners and mastering prisoner.
    1. Sector A: prt_prison245255. Drake
    2. Sector B: prt_prison265195. Dracula
    3. Sector C: prt_prison255155. Moonlight Flower
    4. Sector D: prt_prison23020. Mastering
    5. Sector E: prt_prison10575. Baphomet
    6. Sector F: prt_prison105190. Mistress
    7. Sector G: prt_prison95215. Dark Lord
    8. Sector H: prt_prison55125. Stormy Knight
  4. Return to Ellond to report all your findings to receive 2 Honor Token 2,100,000 Base EXP & 5,500,000 Job EXP.