Bandit Beard Quest

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NPC Involved Items Required
Bearded Man
umbala 126 129
  1. Warp to the Bearded Man, found at umbala 127 130. Speak to him, and he'll ask if you want a Beard. Answer "Yes" and he will ask for the items listed to the right,
    and some Thread. He says you can get thread from his friend in Izlude.
  2. Find his friend in Izlude, located at izlude_in 125 175. He says he doesn't have any thread, but he does have the address for where he gets his shipments.
  3. Go to the Al De Baran Headquarters, and find the Kafra located at aldeba_in 71 178. She says monsters have been attacking merchants in Alberta, and has
    delayed the shipments.
  4. Warp to the Merchant in Alberta, located at alberta 66 123. He will tell you that he's been attacked by bugs, and will ask if you're there to help him. Answer "Yes".
  5. A small mob of bugs will spawn. Kill them, and speak to the Merchant again. He will thank you, and give you some Thread as a gift.
  6. Return to the Bearded Man in Umbala at umbala 127 130. If you have not already collected the items listed to the right, do so now. Give him the items, and he will
    reward you with your Bandit Beard.