Baby Chick or Blue Bird Hat Quest

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NPC Involved Items Required

If you wish to make the Blue Bird instead of Baby Chick, you will have to be the Alchemist class.

  1. Have a Codial/Loyal pet hatched and by your side. Warp to prt_monk 169 232 and speak with the Nun. When she asks for your help, select "Yes."
  2. You will have to help Hana the chicken lay an egg. You will either 'Pet her' or 'Feed her' but never scare her. Have Pet Food and Holy Water in your inventory. The holy water must be made by a priest using Aqua Benedicta. Hunted Holy Water will not work. The number of times you repeat this will vary.
  3. After Hana lays her egg, speak with the Nun. You will need to equip Bird Nest in order to continue. The Nun will give you Hana's egg.
  4. Kill 10,000 monsters while wearing the Bird Nest and having the egg in your inventory. If you unequip the nest or put the received egg in storage, your kills will not count. If you are making Blue Bird, Homunculus kills count.
    Places of interest:
    • orcsdun02
    • mag_dun02
    • mag_dun01
  5. As your number of kills increases, the Nun will say different things at 5k kills, and change again at 8k kills.
  6. Once you've killed the correct number of monsters, your egg & Nest Hat will turn into Bird Nest Hat.
  7. Return to the Nun and you will recieve your Baby Chick/Blue/Filir Bird!

Note: This quest gives you one coupon point.