Attitude to the New World

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Attitude to the New World
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Empty Bottle, 1 Strong Vine, 5 Holy Water, 30 Sticky Mucus, 20 Horn of Hillslion
Quest Prerequisite(s): Onward to the New World Quest
Base Experience: 100,000 -OR- 150,000
  1. Speak to Rumis Block (NPC name is Monster Scholar) mid_camp188254, he tells you he hates the New World and loathes his job.
  2. Speak to Camp Guard mid_camp336171. You must not be helping Diego with the posts or delivering the final packing in the New Surroundings quest. Go and kill a Nepenthes and bring back a Strong Vine to help Rumis realize these monsters aren't so scary.
    • Note: if you have other quests that require trips into the New World Maps, you will need to finish those first.
  3. Return to Rumis Block with 1 Strong Vine, he thanks you and asks for further help. He needs some supplies to prepare a Nepenthes specimen.
  4. Rumis asks you to deliver his specimen to his brother Terris Block (NPC name is Botanist) mid_camp240270.
  5. After some conversation, Terris asks you to talk to 30 or so of the pretty girls to the west.
  6. Once the Pinguicula have been dispatched, Terris tells you that Cornus have been destroying his climate monitors. Has asks to to teach them a lesson.
  7. Return to Terris, He tells you he suspects the land to the west is cultivated. He hands you a Decaying Stem and asks you to meet him near the mushroom west of the bridge.
  8. Walk over the end of the bridge and he will appear. Talk to him and plant the Decaying Stem in the dirt mid_camp52148.
  9. After the Sprout comes to life talk to Terris again. Terris asks you to inform Rumis of his success.
  10. Rumis has already heard, and strives to make his own discovery. Rumis asks you to meet him at the end of the east bridge to escort him to study a one of the new species.
  11. Walk past man_fild0155259, and Rumis tells you to head towards the tree slightly southeast.
  12. Talk to the Frozen Tree man_fild0192229, Rumis climbed the tree because monsters were looking at him. He asks you to hunt 20 Horn of Hillslion.
  13. Return to the tree with 20 horn. Rumis sees nothing particularly interesting about them, but he has gained the confidence to come to his tree alone next time. He asks you to talk to him back at the camp.
  14. Rumis heard about someone being attacked to the east, he asks you to go investigate if the natives are hostile.
  15. Return to Rumis, he thanks your for your help and asks you some questions:
    • Which monster is the owner of the Tricorn hat: Tatacho
    • Which size is the hat: Enter something
    • This marks the end of the displayed quests, and you gain 100,000 Base EXP.
  16. Additionally if you bring Rumis one Horn of Tendrilion you will gain 50,000 more Base EXP. This marks the end of this quest.
    • Note: This last step needs to be completed if you are using this quest as one of your pre-requisites to Report from the New World.