Arclouse Dash

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Arclouse Dash.png Arclouse Dash
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 10 + (Skill Level x 2)
Cast Delay: 1 second
Duration: [50 + (Skill Level x 10)] seconds
Target: Self and Ally
Range: 9 cells
Status Icon: I Arclouse Dash.png
(Summoner) Picky Peck Lv. 3

Arclouse Dash (Alt: Arclouze Dash) is a Doram animal-based supportive skill available as Summoner.


Places a temporary buff on a single target that increases AGI and Movement Speed. If the target is a Doram, also increases ranged damage by 10%.

Level AGI Increase Duration SP Cost
1 20 60s 12
2 25 70s 14
3 30 80s 16
4 35 90s 18
5 40 100s 20


  • Agility bonus can be stacked with other Agility buffs (ex: Increase AGI, Improve Concentration, Stat Foods) making insane Agility increase for short time.
  • Movement Speed however, seems can not be stacked and does not applied if there is faster movement buff on target (ex: Genetic Cart Boost)
  • Buff disappeared on log out or map zone change, similar to Magnificat
  • Quagmire and Dispell do not remove this buff
  • Has a hidden buff to increase Summoner's animal skills ranged damage by 10% (noticeable on Picky Peck and Lunatic Carrot Beat)