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Note: Arcs reflect what is currently implemented in iRO. The final quests for a given arc may change in future game updates.

God Items

First Quest Final Quest
Stop Metto's Research (5.0) God Items Quest (9.0)

The Sign

First Quests Final Quest
Umbala Language Quest (7.0) Sign Quest (10.1)
Piano Keys Quest (7.1)

Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

First Quests Final Quest
Continental Guard (7.0) Successor to the Throne Quest (7.0)


First Quest Final Quest
Z-Gang Quest Rogue Guild Investigation Quest


First Quest Second Quest Final Quest
Muff's Loan Quest Broken Diamond Quest Unlucky Emerald Quest

Republic of Schwartzvald

First Quest Second Quests Third Quests Fourth Quest Final Quest
Odin's Temple Excavation Quest (10.4) Rebellion Quest (10.4)
Factory Quest (10.1) Einbroch Murder Quest (10.1) President Quest (10.2)
Biolabs Entrance Quest (10.2) Cursed Spirit Quest (10.2)
Dangerous Rumors Wolfchev's Laboratory


First Quest Final Quest
Friendship Quest (10.2) Bruspetti Quest (11.1)
Alberta Boy
Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)


First Quest Final Quest
How the Airship Works Quest (10.2) Heart Fragment Quest (10.3)
Airship Ticket Quest (10.1)

Rekenber Victims

First Quest Final Quest
Medicine Quest (10.4) Biological Weapon Quest (10.4)

Arunafeltz States

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Final Quest
Lost Child (11.1) Rachel Sanctuary (11.1) Veins Siblings (11.2) Thor Volcano Base (11.2) Peace for Arunafeltz (11.3)
Nameless Island Entrance Quest (11.3)
Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth Quest) (10.3)

New World

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Fifth Quest Sixth Quest Final Quest
Onward to the New World Quest[1] (13.1) New Surroundings (13.1) Attitude to the New World (13.1) Report from the New World[2] (13.1) Ring of the Wise King (13.2) Two Tribes (13.2) Guardian of Yggdrasil (13.2)
Pursuing Rayan Moore (13.1)
Tripatriate Union's Feud (13.1) Sapha's Visit (13.3) Doha's Secret Orders (13.3)
Finding a Fairy (13.1)
Frede's Request
Cat Hand New World Access[3] (13.3) Dimensional Travel (14.3) Isle of Bios (14.3) Morse's Cave (14.3) Demon God Temple (14.3)


First Quest Second Quest Final Quest
Eclage Entrance (14.2) Oliver Wolf Hood Quest (14.2)
Troublesome Fairies (14.2) Wanted to be Big and Beautiful (14.2)
Light & Darkness (14.2)
Encounter in a Strange Land (14.2)

Global World


First Quest Final Quest
Dropped Knife Quest Chief's Quest


First Quest Final Quest
Ayothaya Dungeon Footprint Quest


First Quest Final Quest
Doctor Quest Poison King Quest


First Quest Final Quest
Finding The Moving Island Quest Koschei the Immortal
Help Mikhail Quest
Banish Winter Quest
Acorn Exchange Quest


First Quest Final Quest
Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest Brasilis Water Lily Quest
The Song of Iara


First Quest Final Quest
Dewata Legend Quest Traditional Weapon Quest

Port Malaya

First Quest Second Quest Final Quest
Cautious Village Nurse in Port Malaya
Secret in the Woods
Rumor, Time and Legend Bakonawa Extermination


First Quest Second Quest Third Quest
To Phantasmagorika! Passage Cleaning
Eliminating Risks
New Power Source
Core Collection
Central Laboratory
Collect Memory Records of Research Facilities
Collect Memory Records of Laboratories Helping Her
First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Final Quest
To Phantasmagorika! Looking for the Traces Vestige The Last Room

Tome of the Dark Lord

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Final Quest
Lost Spirits The Lion's Roar Rekenber's Weapon[4] The Tome of the Dark Lord[5]
Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)
  • Note
  1. New Surroundings only needs to be completed up to step 5 to begin any of the subsequent quests.
  2. Only two quests out of (New Surroundings, Attitude to the New World, Pursuing Rayan Moore, Tripatriate Union's Feud) need to be completed to start Report from the New World.
  3. Due to a bug, Onward to the New World cannot be completed
  4. Not implemented.
  5. Not implemented.