Angeling Hat Quest

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NPC Involved Items Required

Angry Angeling

So he agrees to make the hat.

Note: Hunt the Unripe Apples BEFORE you start the quest, or get them from someone else.
If you do this wrong, you cannot redo this quest on your entire account.

  1. On a field known as "Poring Island", there is an Angry Angeling who hates humans. Find him at pay_fild04 199 178 and tell him that you want to make an Angeling Hat.
  2. He will tell you to bring him 5 Unripe Apples.
    (As noted above, if you DO hunt them with that character, do so before you begin the quest, or get them from someone else.)
  3. If you do this properly and bring him the five Unripe Apples, he will agree to make you the Angeling Hat.
  4. If you have not already done so, hunt the items listed to the right, and bring them to him. You will then receive your Angeling Hat