Althea Socket Enchant

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The NPCs Gerard and Marybelle allow a player to attempt to add a slot to a piece of equipment.

  • Althea: Marybelle sits on a chair ( althea 161 118 )
  • Althea: Gerard stands right next to her ( althea 161 118 )



Each attempt requires 1 - 5 Bradium for weapons or a Mihtril Crystal for Accessories and 2,000,000 - 50,000,000 zeny. Gerard charges an additional amount between 10,000,000 and 500,000,000 Zeny and an extra 1,000,000 to 30,000,000 Zeny per refine if you want to keep the current weapon or accessory refinement level.

If the attempts is failed, the gear, zeny and ores are lost.


Each attempt requires 10 - 100 Kalunium and 20,000,000 - 100,000,000 zeny. Marybelle charges an additional amount of 10,000,000 Zeny and an extra 10,000,000 Zeny per refine if you want to keep the current headgear refinement level.

If the attempts is failed, the gear, zeny and ores are lost.

Success Chances

Both NPCs will always inform you about your current success chance.

  • Weapons: 10-25%
  • Accessories: 90%
  • Lower Headgears: 80-90%

Marybelle has a 6% chance for your Nebula Aura to turn into a 63340.png Rainbow Sash


Item Name
63400.png Grimtooth
63430.png Excalibur
63431.png Mysteltainn
63432.png Tirfing
63433.png Immaterial Sword
63434.png Warrior's Balmung
63460.png Gelerdria
63461.png Tjungkuletti
63462.png Brionac
63463.png Longinus's Spear
63464.png Hellfire
63490.png Tomahawk
63521.png Wrench
63522.png Quadrille
63523.png Slash
63550.png Healing Staff
63551.png Release of Wish
63552.png Wing Staff
63580.png Rudra Bow
63610.png Kaiser Knuckle
63640.png Burning Passion Guitar
63641.png Loner's Guitar
63642.png Green Acre Guitar
63643.png Gentle Breeze Guitar
63670.png Red Flame Whip
63671.png Icicle Whip
63672.png Gaia Whip
63673.png Electric Wire
63700.png Book of the Apocalypse
63730.png Gold Lux
63731.png Gate Keeper-DD
13124.png Altair & Ares
13199.png Tempest
13196.png Peace Breaker
28202.png Southern Cross
63760.png Huuma Blaze Shuriken
63761.png Huuma Wing Shuriken


Item Name
63301.png Ring
63302.png Earring
63303.png Necklace
63304.png Glove
63305.png Brooch
63306.png Rosary
63341.png Bow Thimble
63342.png Expert Ring

Lower Headgears

Item Name
63307.png Poring Rucksack
63308.png Deviling Rucksack
63309.png Delicious Apple
63310.png Delicious Carrot
63311.png Delicious Chocolate
63312.png Delicious Ice Cream
63313.png Delicious Meat
63314.png Delicious Monster Food
63315.png Delicious Orange
63316.png Delicious Strawberry
63317.png Red Hip Ribbon
63318.png Black Hip Ribbon
63319.png Blue Hip Ribbon
63320.png Brown Hip Ribbon
63321.png Green Hip Ribbon
63322.png Pink Hip Ribbon
63323.png Purple Hip Ribbon
63324.png White Hip Ribbon
63325.png Yellow Hip Ribbon
63326.png Candy Corn In Mouth
63327.png Pumpkin Rucksack
63328.png Nebula Aura
63329.png Pussy Cat Bell
63330.png Gentleman's Pipe
63331.png Pirate Dagger
63332.png Gangster Scarf
63333.png Spiked Scarf
63334.png Rainbow Scarf
63335.png Chewing Bubblegum
63336.png Spare Card
63337.png 4 Leaf Clover
63339.png Fathers White Moustache
63206.png Lord Kahos Horn
63344.png Golden Fish in Mouth
63345.png Vajra
63346.png Poker Card in Mouth
63347.png Whistle