Acolyte Training Quest

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Acolyte Training Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Decayed Nails (varies per server)
Base Experience: 10,500 (VIP) / 7,000 (non-VIP)
Job Experience: 9,000 (VIP) / 6,000 (non-VIP)
Item(s): Flail -OR- Wand
  • Tip: If you are planning to be a Monk, you can leave this quest unfinished until ready to job change. That way, you will have a free and easy warp to the Monastery when you're ready to change :)

1. Go to the Prontera church, and head into the room on to the right where the acolyte job change is.

2. Next to the woman that gives holy light is a priest named Praupin. Talk to him and he will tell you about needing to learn much about being an acolyte. Afterward he will give the option of warping to the convent, also known as "Old Prontera" (the monk job change map), or its full title, St Capitolina Monastery.

3. After getting to the Abbey, go all the way east then south into the building then out the south exit. Take a quick left and there will see a female priestess named Asthe inside a ring of flower beds. Talk to her, and in the end you will receive some Base and Job EXP, and be asked to obtain Heal Level 3 before continuing. She will also lend you a Mace, which she'll ask to be returned later.

4. When you have Heal Level 3, talk to her again, and she'll ask for the Mace back. She will then give the "Mother's Letter."

  • WARNING: If you are carrying another Mace, such as one that is carded, upgraded, or forged, she may take the wrong one. Make sure you are only carrying one Mace (the correct one which you wish to return) before agreeing to return it to her.

5. Go back through the south exit of the building right of the flower bed. In the first hall, enter the lower left room. There will be two men here, one is the man who gets the letter. After he finishes talking, he explains about the zombie problem in Payon and tells you to go there and kill zombies and skeletons then bring back 5 Decayed Nails. (For the new pRO server, he asks for 5 Bee stings instead)

6. After obtaining them, come back and talk to the man again, and he will give 2000 Base EXP and 2000 Job EXP.

7. Go back and talk with Asthe for another long speech. Once she is done, you will need Blessing Level 1 to continue. After the speech with Asthe, she will give you some dog feed. Go all the way north from her.

  • There is a quicker route; instead of going back through the building, take the path beside it. There is an NPC named Gloria beside some crosses who will provide free transport back to Prontera.

8. Keep heading north until you reach the graveyard. Talk to the dog and give him the treat when it gives the option to.

9. Go to the left to find the little girl and talk to her. She will talk about how sick she is and how her poor sister already died of her illness.

10. Head back to Asthe once again and she will say that this is a test from God and you will find the answer.

11. Go to the sick girl and choose Blessing from the list of skills and she should be cured. Depending on the level of Blessing used, it may take multiple times to work so keep blessing until she's cured. You will be rewarded with 1000 Job EXP after succeeding.

12. Talk to Asthe once again, and she will discuss Angelus, then finish with giving you 5 parcels to deliver to different people, and a specific order to deliver them.

  • a) A worker in the north named Veiner. He's in the middle-north portion in a gated area prt_monk197228.
  • b) Hedrick near the convent entrance prt_monk (28,260).
  • c) Blacksmith at the Blacksmith Guild who makes Monk weapons. Follow the path east from the entrance, and go north where the path bends south. The blacksmith will auto-talk to you after walking close enough prt_monk (135,263).
  • d) Priest Karven monk_in (102,175), the NPC right inside the north entrance prt_monk (245,139) to the building next to Asthe.
  • e) Praupin, the man in the Prontera church that warped you to the convent.

13. After delivering the parcels, Praupin will give you a choice of either taking a Wand or a Flail.

  • Hint: If you don't need either weapon, the Flail sells for more money to NPCs.

14. Talk to him again for a free warp back to the Abby and talk to Asthe. She will talk about Aqua Benedicta.

15. Talk to her one last time for 5000 Base EXP and 3000 Job EXP.