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Note: These files are likely outdated. GatheringRO has no relation to any of the here linked software. Use at your own risk.

Here you can find and download custom AIs for both Mercenaries and Homunculi.


Name & Version Homunculus Type Author Description External Site
MirAI 1.2.2 All Miranda Blade Control Panel Based AI with Friend List. -
Rampage AI 1.0 RC6 All Faithful Advanced AI, useful for PVP. Rampage AI Home

Mercenary & Homunculus

Name & Version Mercenary Type Homunculus Type Author Description External Site
MirAI + Mercenary AI All All Miranda Blade & Lamech Default MirAI sans Auto-Skills, with Mercenary AI. No Mercenary Auto-Support Skills. -
AzzyAI 1.5 All All Dr. Azzy A comprehensive Homunculus and Mercenary AI with full support for Homunculus S and a wide variety of features. Includes configuration GUI and documentation. Azzy AI Home
Rampage AI Lite All All Faithful Advanced AI. Rampage AI Lite Home


Name & Version Mercenary Type Homunculus Type Author Description Size
Default Homunculus/Mercenary AI All All Gravity Default AI 36 KB


The full autonomous auto-attack modes have been disabled back in May 21, 2018.

However some auto-attack features have been partly re-enabled with the big summer patch in July 2021.

AI Troubleshooting

Some AI problems can be common occurrences, such as AI.lua errors or your Homunculus not behaving as expected.

If you have any questions/problems regarding custom AI configuration, refer to either the guide above or to the official guides offered by the software providers.

If you would like to restore the default AI provided by GatheringRO, follow these simple steps or re-install the game:

  1. Close the game;
  2. Go to your GatheringRO installation folder;
  3. Delete both folders "AI" and "AI_sakray";
  4. Download this file, and extract it to your GatheringRO installation folder;
  5. In-game, make sure the AI is set to "Default". You change it by typing /hoai;
  6. Make sure your Homunculus is not in passive mode or vice-versa. You can alternate between 'Passive' and 'Aggressive' mode with the shortcut Alt+T.